Wild Birthday Party

Our youngest was turning 6 this year and insisted on having a wolf birthday party.  She is obsessed with them for some reason at the moment, she says they are her spirit animal, haha. I figured it would be hard and not to mention a bit much, to have a full on wolf party so I managed to convince her to have a Wild Birthday Party with other animals as well.

This is the invitation I created to set the mood.

Wild Birthday

I love getting creative with the girl’s birthdays (and any event really, haha) but I don’t like to spend a lot.  Having a pretty party doesn’t have to break the bank. My colours were black, white & gold with touches of hot pink and green.

Wild Birthday1

This was one of the food spreads at the party.  Most of which I made myself to keep the costs down.

Wild Birthday2

The feathers in the cupcakes I got at the dollar store and just painted the tips gold.  The chocolate mould I used was actually leaves since I couldn’t find anything to match the theme but they turned out kinda looking like feathers right?

Wild Birthday3

My first time making cake pops and wasn’t happy how the chocolate around them turned out but they still tasted good.  The plate I found at a second hand store.

Wild Birthday4

All of the kids got different animal ears to wear.  Just inexpensive headbands with ears cut out of felt (a gift from my artsy friend Lauren Cowles).  Here is Amelia opening gifts with her bestie Aviv.

Wild Birthday5

The pinata was way too colourful for me so I spray painted it gold.

Wild Birthday6

I found these awesome kraft paper bags with feathers on them at Micheals so used them for the loot bags.

Wild Birthday7

 I snooped around the clearance section at Home Sense and Bou Clair to get the Pink arrow sign and white candle holder below.  Both of which I will definitely use again.  I also just cut feathers out of gold card stock.

Wild Birthday8

Luckily I also got all of the animals from Lauren and just painted them gold to match my colour scheme.

Wild Birthday9

Finally, it’s not a birthday without balloons!

Wild Birthday10

We were supposed to head outside for a scavenger hunt in the woods but it was pouring so my backup was making dream catchers and sadly they were having none of it.  I think only 2 out of the 11 kids finished them.  I think it was because there was way too much sugar between all the baking and the candies from the pinata and they got a little too hyper to sit still.  Lesson learned!!

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