Time For An Art Journal

I am currently doing this fantastic on-line workshop given by Jeanne Oliver and in doing so I have finally been convinced that it’s time for an art journal.  Thought it might be a good place to practice some new techniques before committing an entire canvas to it.  Also, might be a good place for all of the ideas swimming around in my head.

I have combined a few of her techniques and thrown in some of my own.  This is what I have so far.  You will have to excuse the pictures as I wasn’t at home while I was working on this so I took them with my phone.  First, I cut the covers off an old book with an x-acto knife and modge podged (I am sure that is an official verb by now isn’t it?) some ephemera onto the front cover.  I even put an old map of Manhattan from a travel book.

I looked through some fashion magazines and found an image that appealed to me and took down the colour a bit with silver polish. Watered down white acrylic paint was applied to cover the ephemera.  I then needed to add some texture so I took out modelling paste (which is white) and added some teal ink to it and used one of my plastic doilies as a stencil to apply it.  I also took the end of a toilet paper roll and dipped it into the excess to make the circles on the upper left side.

I put colour back in by painting over the girl.  More texture was added with stamps, rub-ons and the felt butterfly.

I shall keep you posted on my progress.  I have some interesting ideas on how to bind it all together.  TO BE CONTINUED…

**UPDATE** See the completed journal here.

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