The One & Only Arts & Crafts Fair

The Sandy Hill’s One & Only Craft Fair on Sunday certainly did not disappoint.  I was sitting was a great group of ladies, had great sales and bought a few great Christmas gifts.  Not to mention the free food buffet, pretty yummy.  Helene Lacelle was a great hostess and I can only hope things go as well for my fair on Sunday :).  Welcome to my new subscribers from the fair!!!

One of my goals this year is to try to buy as many handmade/local gifts as possible.  I think it is very important to support small business and the local economy whenever possible.  I am a huge fan of Etsy and local craft fairs.  So, I figured why not start at the One & Only.  My first purchase I really couldn’t help.  Sitting across from me was Olive & Ella with her gorgeous group of pillows and sewn creations.  One in particular kept calling my name ALL day.  It was a deer made of homemade felt on a background of tweed type material.  Felt and tweed, together??  Enough to make my heart swoon, haha.  I know I am a dork.  I kept checking all day to make sure it was still there.  I had the same thing happening with my neighbour the lovely Michelle of My Jacket Pocket.  She was coveting one of my paintings and kept checking to see if anyone bought it.  Of course it was the same painting about ten people picked up and liked entitled “Sometimes we all need help to fly”.

Of course the piece sold and Michelle was sadly disappointed.  First thing I did after that was head over to Munia at Olive & Ella and buy that pillow!!!

Isn’t it awesome?  Here is the back part.  Of course Amelia had to stick her little ginger head in there as she hates it when I do anything without her.

 I also made a purchase from Michelle, she will be at the Savoir Faire on Sunday, by the way.  She had these very cool vintage looking pendant watches which were selling like hotcakes.  I was afraid she would have none left by Sunday so I ended up buying one.  This is it closed.  Check out all of the filigree detail.   Beautiful I say.

Here it is open, I have yet to figure out how to set it, haha.

I also had Meeka’s Creations as a neighbour.  I bought some sock monkeys and creatures from her last year for Christmas.  This year she had some awesome printed T-shirts that I thought would be perfect for one of my daughter’s friends who happens to also be a neighbour and practically another daughter.

My last little goodie was a swap.  She wanted one of my paintings so she paid some and traded one of her knitted partly felted bracelets.  It was from Geminidream and unfortunately she does not have a website.  All of her stuff had great texture though.  The bracelet is a little simple so I will definitely be adding a little something to it to make it more Renee.

I am out for the night but I hope to see you all Sunday and just a little reminder of the workshops going on throughout the day.  You can check them out here.

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  1. Stephanie says:

    I can understand why you got that pillow, it’s absolutely lovely! Man I’m so excited about the Faire Sunday! And I got the husband’s blessings to buy Christmas gifts. And a set of tuque/mitts etc for me.

    Glad you enjoyed the fair in Sandy Hill and that you sold some art work.

    See you Sunday! xoxo

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