The New Art Festival


I have been so incredibly inspired in the last few weeks. I attended The New Art Festival (formerly Art in the Park) in the Glebe and was amazed at all of the beautiful work and talented people that were there. I cannot believe that after all these years of having it that I hadn’t made it down there. Boy was it worth the trip. There was an artist whose paintings I really liked, his name was Mark Jeremy Gleberzon. He was adorable and let me take a picture of one of his newer and different pieces. It is an old photograph blown up and mounted on metal. It was pretty cool in that it had a shimmery quality to it and was coated in resin so was also very glossy. I took the photograph with my phone so it is kind of hard to tell. You can see Mark is holding it up for me, haha. Needless to say, being there made me want to go home and paint, immediately. I did just that and I finished three little mixed media pieces, YEY ME!!! Pictures to follow shortly…

Category: Inspiration
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