The New Art Festival

I am such a huge fan of the New Art Festival and a little rain wasn’t going to stop me from checking it out.  It got pretty brutal at times and I felt pretty bad for the artists having to deal with that all weekend.  They must have been chilled to the bone.  It was nice to see that some people still braved the weather to check it out.  Again, I was not disappointed.  The amazing talent that was there again this year was inspiring.

One of the mixed media artists I was instantly drawn to.  She had all these adorable little pieces, some with a high gloss resin on them that I loved.

Something about her felt very familiar.  When I picked up her card and realized it was Helene Lacelle of,

I was so pleased.  I remember seeing her work a few years ago and being so encouraged to see a mixed media artist at a show.  Before that, I felt all I ever saw were fine artists with their beautiful reproductions of the real world or abstract artists.  It gave me hope.

There was another lovely lady there named Susan Valyi.

She had some really interesting and cool pieces that would have looked awesome in our front room.

I would be remiss not to mention this amazingly talented lady.  Vanessa Neily was there with her beautiful collection of jewellry.

Her pieces were so unique and well done.  So many different materials used.

Here is one of the pieces I was drooling over.  I believe it is cooper with enamel over it and the little green lollipops sticking out are made of ceramic.  Beyond cool.  Maybe I need to leave her business card under Chris’ pillow closer to my birthday, haha.

Oh, to be independantly wealthy.

I did purchase this adorable little doll that transforms into a butterfly for our little ginger Millie.  I felt like her hair might one day look like that.

Fidoodle was selling them along with a bunch of awesome stuff including these wood puzzle like blocks.  I know, great job explaining hey?  Just head to their site and check it out, pretty neat.

Goal for next year – apply to be a vendor!!!


Speaking of art shows, I just wanted to let you know about a new market that is just starting up in Little Italy called the Preston Street Mercato.  It is just in its infant stages but they have some passionate organizers who are huge supporters of local artists and small businesses.  It will be running for six weeks on Saturdays from 10am to 5pm.  I believe they might still be looking for a few vendors.  Let me know if you would like their contact information.


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