Texture Technique – Impressions in Sludge

Anyone who knows me artistically knows I love, love, love texture.  I could just eat it up.  Hey, maybe that is why I love it, because it looks like you could eat it up.  Maybe this relates to my love of food, haha!  I digress. Anyway, I have found this amazing stuff called Sludge.  It is this awesome environmentally friendly product which is basically a by-product of acrylic paint manufacturing.  Just want to give a virtual pat on the back to Tri-Art for producing it since it essentially costs them more to put out then paint.  I picked mine up at Wallack’s in Ottawa, but if you check their website you might find it in your local art shop.  I have a couple extra bottles so I have put some up in my etsy shop here for those who don’t have access to any and would like to try it out.

I am totally loving this stuff, it is so much fun.  It comes in a thin or thick consistency and is made in batches so is usually different colours.  I, of course, love the thick stuff.  It is even a little grainy which I think is brilliant.  I tried a few different things with it so I am doing this post in two parts.

Impressions in Sludge

   The first piece I did with it was a tree for little Molly (a good friend’s daughter). I took a canvas and drew an outline of where I was going to add the paper trunk to later.  I wanted to make sure not to add texture under where the trunk or leaves were going to be because it makes it difficult to adhere the paper to the canvas.

I then applied some sludge quite thickly to the canvas in a few layers.  You have to work kind of quickly without letting it dry so that the texture technique will work properly…



Then I took a wooden stamp (b-day gift, from Tibet, isn’t it cool?) which has quite deep grooves in it, directly into the thick layers of sludge.  I continued to do this all over the canvas.



Until it looked like this.

Sludge Texture Technique

I then let it dry and applied my trunk and leaves with Modge Podge.  I took my Faber Castell PITT pens to outline the leaves a little.  Here is the finished piece.  Don’t the colours remind you of the menu from Le Hibou in my Wakefield post?

I shall be posting a couple more techniques soon ;)

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    This is cool!

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