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Monday Journal – Community Art Journal Page

This week I wanted to do something to honour the group of amazing ladies I met doing an on-line course through Kelly Rae Roberts.  I thought I would do a community art journal page.  This community of women has been wonderful to each other right from day one.  Being a part of a group of like minded artists with similar business goals was a gift all on its own but the way everyone jumps in to offer unconditional support (especially with the difficult things life throws at us) has been pretty special.  They are all like a warm blanket on a cold day.

With Spring here (or attempting to be here, the sun was out today, YEY!) I thought I would use some brighter colours.  I stretched myself a little and used pinks and yellows which I tend never to gravitate towards.  I grabbed papers from my scrap stash and ripped different shaped houses and then applied them with an artist’s medium.

Community Art Journal Page

I then used my navy sludge to paint the night sky.  Why is it night time in my community?  Not sure, maybe it’s because I tend to catch up with them at night once the kids are in bed, haha.  I applied drops of yellow India ink to represent stars (and the ladies).

Community Art Journal Page7

I outlined each of the houses with a watercolour crayon and painted the houses or just the edges to give the paper a more painted effect.  A couple of them it was to add colour as the paper was white.

Community Art Journal Page6

I re-emphasized and added texture with the word “community” down one of the houses with some mini alphabet stickers. ( I add medium over any stickers I use when painting, btw).

Community Art Journal Page5

 What is a neighbourhood without flowers?  I added some Miss Carolina rub-ons from My Mind’s Eye to add a little greenery and finishing touches.

Community Art Journal Page4Community Art Journal Page3






Last but not least I took a white china marker, (that will basically write on anything)…

Community Art Journal Page8

and wrote out the definition of community as it relates to my ladies.  Here it is finished.

Community Art Journal Page2

 Strange as you get older and maybe wiser, you realize the importance of community.  Have any of you found that as well?




Texture Technique – More Ways To Use Sludge

Texture Technique – Sludge as paint

The next thing I did with sludge is use it as paint.  I was preparing a painting for my man’s birthday and wasn’t using any papers or anything of the sort.  So, I knew it needed some kind of texture and Sludge instantly popped into my head.

I used it for one of the stripes, otherwise it would been too flat for my liking.

Deer painting using Sludge

Figured this was the closest thing to a deer head he would get into the house (not a huge fan of animal carcasses).

Deer painting using Sludge

Sludge with stencil

For the last piece I used one of my awesome old school plastic doilies as a stencil.  I saw Christy Tomlinson use one in a tutorial and I just had to get my hands on one. I just set the doily down on the painting and applied quite a bit of Sludge to the top of it, making sure I got into every crack and crevice.

 When I carefully lifted it I was totally happy with the chunky remnants it left.  So, I had to do it again, haha.

The finished piece entitled “Home Tweet Home“.  Isn’t that doily image SO darn cute!!!!

Texture Technique – Impressions in Sludge

Anyone who knows me artistically knows I love, love, love texture.  I could just eat it up.  Hey, maybe that is why I love it, because it looks like you could eat it up.  Maybe this relates to my love of food, haha!  I digress. Anyway, I have found this amazing stuff called Sludge.  It is this awesome environmentally friendly product which is basically a by-product of acrylic paint manufacturing.  Just want to give a virtual pat on the back to Tri-Art for producing it since it essentially costs them more to put out then paint.  I picked mine up at Wallack’s in Ottawa, but if you check their website you might find it in your local art shop.  I have a couple extra bottles so I have put some up in my etsy shop here for those who don’t have access to any and would like to try it out.

I am totally loving this stuff, it is so much fun.  It comes in a thin or thick consistency and is made in batches so is usually different colours.  I, of course, love the thick stuff.  It is even a little grainy which I think is brilliant.  I tried a few different things with it so I am doing this post in two parts.

Impressions in Sludge

   The first piece I did with it was a tree for little Molly (a good friend’s daughter). I took a canvas and drew an outline of where I was going to add the paper trunk to later.  I wanted to make sure not to add texture under where the trunk or leaves were going to be because it makes it difficult to adhere the paper to the canvas.

I then applied some sludge quite thickly to the canvas in a few layers.  You have to work kind of quickly without letting it dry so that the texture technique will work properly…



Then I took a wooden stamp (b-day gift, from Tibet, isn’t it cool?) which has quite deep grooves in it, directly into the thick layers of sludge.  I continued to do this all over the canvas.



Until it looked like this.

Sludge Texture Technique

I then let it dry and applied my trunk and leaves with Modge Podge.  I took my Faber Castell PITT pens to outline the leaves a little.  Here is the finished piece.  Don’t the colours remind you of the menu from Le Hibou in my Wakefield post?

I shall be posting a couple more techniques soon ;)

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