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First She Art Girl

When I have a few spare moments I like to surf the net looking for other mixed media artists and the other day I came across one who is was quite similiar to me in style.  Her name is Christy Tomlinson and I absolutely love her stuff.  I signed up for her “She Art” workshop almost immediately.  I am really enjoying it, when I actually get a chance to work on it.  It is sometimes difficult to make time for your creative self, so I am pretty excited to have stumbled upon this world of online, self paced workshops (I know, where have I been right?)  Anyway, here is my first girl…

It is for my wonderful and brave friend Kristen who has finally gone out on her own and is opening her salon next week (if all goes well), it is called Mint Hair Studio.  I am so incredibly proud of this talented lady. Well, I am off to the cottage for a week, woot woot!!!!