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Gift Box Redo

I was rooting around the house to find something special to wrap one of my girlfriends gift in for this weekend and wasn’t really finding anything that was adequate.  I bought her a gorgeous silver bracelet with an inspiration quote on it but it is a round rigid one so nothing was working out.  I did find a box that was the perfect size but it had some Christmas stickers on it and thought, time for a gift box redo!!  I riped them all off and this is what I was left with.

Gift Box Redo

Kind of gross looking isn’t it?  Nothing that a little paint and paper can’t fix right up though.  I love reusing and re-purposing things.  I knew I wanted to use map paper as Jen is a lover of travel.  Although she doesn’t get to do much of that lately with her two little munchkins.

Gift Box Redo2

I then painted the outside of the box blue and cut out pieces from the map paper to cover the top, bottom and sides of the bottom portion of the box.

Gift Box Redo3

I basically treated it like a canvas and added some touches of white paint, then applied some felt flowers on top which I had laying around and finished it off with a little metal leaf.

Gift Box Redo4

The bracelet looks great in it.  The quote on it says “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”.  Just a little encouragement for her to keep with her daily as she has the same entrepreneurial and creative spirit as I do and I am just trying to give her a little nudge.  As good friends should :)  There are tons of these types of bracelets on Etsy if you are looking for one.  One that I like is Tatum Bradley & Co.  She has beautiful stuff.

Gift Box Redo5

Tied it all up with some green and white baker’s twine and it is all ready to go for Saturday.  Hope she likes it and doesn’t read this post before then, hahaha!

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