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Birthday Workshop – Community Mixed Media

Last weekend I had the pleasure of teaching at Marie-Pierre’s (MP) 30th birthday party.  She was very involved in the planning of the piece which I LOVED.  That way I knew she was going to get something she liked.  Sometimes it is hard trying to decide on a piece when you don’t know a person very well.  I could tell that her relationships were important to her so I did a community mixed media piece.

Here is everyone jumping right in.

Community Mixed Media

 I was pretty excited and surprised to find out that half of the guests were guys.  That has never happened.  I am lucky if there is one male and he is usually a brother or a spouse who has been forced into it, haha.  Not with this crowd.  This was a very creative crew who didn’t need to be coerced at all.

Community Mixed Media5

So very focused and precise, awesome!!

Community Mixed Media6

The guest of honour…

Community Mixed Media8

and her piece.

Community Mixed Media9

MP and her sisters.  They were all so sweet and supportive of each other, it was adorable.  (Made me wish I had a sister :)

Community Mixed Media3

Here is Sean (Mr. Ravenswing himself), hard at work, or play I should say.

Community Mixed Media7

He was the first one done.  Here is his gorgeous piece.

Community Mixed Media10

Everyone was so thoughtful in creating their canvases.  Here is another quote on Bruno’s (MP’s spouse) piece.

Community Mixed Media15

The photogenic couple.

Community Mixed Media1

Here is what it looked like on their couch before I took it home for the finishing touches.

Community Mixed Media4

Here is what it looks like now after I outlined everything and tied it all together.

Community Mixed Media11

It is so great because you can see the personalities behind each one.  The bottom is the birthday girl’s and the top is her sister Christine’s crazy haired girl.

Community Mixed Media13

The bottom right corner of this one is Alice in Wonderland themed.  All of the people have roots for feet to represent MP establishing roots as an adult.

Community Mixed Media14

Such a great bunch, they were staying and continuing the party with some drinks, yummy food and karaoke.  So fun!!