Monday Journal – Tissue Paper Technique

 I just got back from an amazing girls weekend in Vermont last night (will write more on that later).  But first, it’s Monday Journal time and I just wanted to share a page I finished today (my last day before having to head back to work tomorrow)  I did a little tissue paper technique to add some texture and colour to this one.  When I was working on some Easter eggs a couple weeks ago I had pieces of tissue paper lying around, so not wanting anything to go to waste, I stuck them immediately into my art journal.  I always try to keep it around when I am working on other projects to add any leftover pieces or paint to it.

Tissue paper technique

So when I was ready to get my art on, I already had a page started which gave me a jumping off point with the colours.  I added some pretty flowers and pink doilies to it.  I also applied my awesome Crafter’s Workshop Life Numbers stencil with black paint I had purchased at Scrapbook Centrale when I was there for Donna’s class.

Tissue paper technique2

 I have been thinking about family and how I grew up lately.  Things weren’t always perfect as I am sure no one else’s upbringing was either.  I feel it is always  important to “bloom where you are planted”.  Which is the theme of this layout.  I think that it is an important thing to remember in many aspects of our lives (not just with our families).

For the word “bloom” I used some fairly big (and thick) letter stickers and covered them in glass bead gel.

Tissue paper technique3

I then removed them before the gel dried too much as all I wanted was the impression it left behindl.  I love that you can see the flower image and colourful tissue underneath.

Tissue paper technique4

Instead of throwing them out, I quickly stuck the removed letters on the flap of the insert.

Tissue paper technique5

For the rest of the quote I used the same letters and dirtied them up a little by rubbing some Inka-Gold in the Harmatite colour.  I also rubbed some of it on various parts of the pages. Such fun stuff!  It’s non-toxic, has no smell and is made with beeswax.  Over the tree stencil is a fairly big rub-on I found in a discount bin for a whole dollar (such a steal!)

Tissue paper technique7

 Have a great week everyone and don’t forget to bloom lovelies, no matter where you are planted.


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  1. Michelle says:

    OH…this is fun! Loving all the bright happy colors and what a great idea to use those letters as a stencil first. GREAT idea.

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