Sunday Journal – Geisha Art

Introducing Sunday Journal and for my inaugural post, a little Geisha art.

Good evening all!!!  Since Sunday seems to be my best time to get a little art time in, I thought I would alternate between Scrappy Sunday posts and my new Sunday Journal posts.  It will just be me doing a pretty relaxed and impromptu mixed media page in my art journal.  Who knows, once I get proficient with my camera I might even tape it, haha.

So, this piece I have done in my art journal I shared with you previously.  Every time I take it out, I am so happy I tried the wax on the cover because I just love the texture of it.  I decided to try a little Geisha art because the challenge over on Collage Obsession this week was “Oriental”.  Man, her choices are always tough for me.  Totally takes me out of my comfort zone, but that is the point.  So, I snooped on the Internet and came across some interesting black and white Geisha pictures and figured that it was closest I was going to get as the term oriental refers to a location or objects and not people.

I didn’t take pictures in the first few stages as I just kind of went for it, but here is what it looked like after I had used a stencil with some gold paint and then added some texture by adding white paint to bubble wrap and used it as a stamp (there are so many cool things around your house you can use to add texture).

There are paper flaps in between most of my journal pages so when you turn the flap over this is what the other side looked like.  I took green painters tape that I had used as a mask on the other side, removed it and stuck it right in there on the second side.  LOVE it!!  toot toot (that’s me, tooting my own horn :)

I then painted a tree trunk and made sure it lined up perfectly on either side of the flap.  I then took vintage sheet music and used a paper punch to cut out a ton of flowers.

Then they were sprayed with “Cherub Pink”, a glimmer mist by Tattered Angels.

Here is how the first side turned out.  My apologies for the lighting, I did this at night.

Now for the other side, which is my favourite.  The see, speak and hear no evil girls.

The quote, which I thought was appropriate for this piece as fear is the evil that sometimes quashes our hopes.

Now I have a little reminder to not let fear or apprehension get in the way of hope.


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  1. stephanie says:

    FANTASTIC!! Wow.

    Toot toooot for sure! :)

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