Sunday Journal – ART equals HAPPY

For today’s Sunday Journal I thought I should do the inside cover as I seem to be jumping all over the place within it.  My art journal is quickly becoming about all the things I love, so I thought it was time to do a page about ART.  I also thought it was about time to use my gorgeous hand rolled Unison pastels I had ordered from Dick Blick.  Aren’t they awesome?  I love the colours, love the labels and love how easy they blend.

I then gathered up every single circular type stamp I could find.  I was in the mood for circles, why, I am not quite sure.  Maybe because they have no end and I am overflowing with inspiration and ideas, feeling hopeful about following my bliss.  I applied them using Staz On ink as it isn’t water soluble and there would be no issues with sealing in the pastels later.  I then took all my different coloured pastels and randomly filled in a bit of the circles and just rubbed them in with my finger.  Bit of a dirty process but fun.  I also punched out a few circles with a vibrant flower patterned paper that was a freebie from Somerset Studios magazine.

I didn’t have a letter “A” chip board to spell “ART” for my title, so I just used an Eiffel Tower stamp.  It kind of looks like an “A” doesn’t it?  I used an Antique Bronze Distress Stain on the letters then took my black ink pad to dirty them up a little.

I am taking a class right now from Kelly Rae Roberts (which I have probably mentioned before) called Flying Lessons.  I have met an amazing group of women (on-line) through this class who are all supporting and encouraging each other to fly.  I wanted to honour this somehow as well, but I didn’t want to use the typical flying creatures such as a bird or butterfly, so I used a fly instead.  Not what I would normally gravitate towards, but I like, I like it a lot.

I hope everyone has had a productive weekend as unfortunately it is almost over :(

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4 Responses
  1. Suzanne McRae says:

    Renée I loved reading your blog post and seeing your inspiring work with circles and colours. I can relate to the jumping all over the place within. I feel like I have an army of little beings inside of me each trying to do something different these days. I just dropped in from Flying Lessons I saw your post there. It’s wonderful to meet you. :)

  2. Renée Bekking says:

    These pages look wonderful! Love all your round shapes. How did yo make the fly! Did you draw this one yourself? it’s very good. LOL I normally don’t like flies but yours is awesome!
    I can only dream to buy the pastels you have in your hand. I use Rembrandt pastels. Also very good but yours… oh I have to stop drooling.

    greetings from Amsterdam,
    Renée – a fellow flyer :)

    • Renee | peaberry designs says:

      Hi Renee, (nice name by the way:)

      Thank you for the kind words. The fly was cut using a silhouette machine that a local scrapbook store owns. It is a amazing and you can get thousands of images for it. Maybe one day I will have one of my own.

  3. Brittany Leona says:

    Renee, I love how the composition pulls the eye across to the two pages. The mixed patterns on the circles add so much texture (of course!) and how clever to use the Eiffel Tower as the “A” – very you! Love it.

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