Inspiration – Quebec City

I didn’t get a chance do any scrapbooking as I was teaching at a shower for a lovely group of ladies (welcome btw, to my new subscribers :).  There will be more on the shower once I am done the final touches.  They did an amazing job.

In the meantime, I thought I would finally share my inspiring pics from Quebec City from our trip this summer.  Although we were only there one short day & night, I tried to soak up as much history and architecture as I could.  Such a beautiful city.

Even all of the fixtures everywhere were beautiful.

Of course they had horse drawn carriages.  I even saw a bride arriving in one to her wedding.  You could picture the streets being filled with them at one time.

A close up of the antique carriage, which I loved, loved, loved.  Most people were trying to get pictures of the horse, whereas I wanted to get some of the carriage, haha.

I really liked the colouring on this house, especially the teal, always one of my favourites.

Part of the Chateau Frontenac which was bigger then I imagined.

The aged post office sign that I wish I could have taken home with me.

Here we are walking down the cobblestone streets of Old Quebec checking out all the quaint shops and looking for a cool place to eat dinner.

The oldest church in the city or possibley country, I can’t remember which, haha.

Another church and me playing with my camera.

The gazebos on the boardwalk were very big top-esque.

The Chateau as it was getting dark.

More of the gorgeous architecture and statues.

Fixtures at night.  I could imagine these filled with amazing candle light.

The impressive fountain at night.

I dreaded leaving but knew I would be back.  For now I must settle for all the inspiration it has brought me.

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