Peterborough Garden Show

Today we went to the Peterborough Garden Show.  Another beautiful day!!  These were orchids that I can’t remember the name of, haha.  Very cool though.

So many talented vendors, there was a guy who made really amazing water features…

There was another exhibit from “La Petite Fleur“.  They had the most amazing pillows…

My favourite exhibitor was by far the “Garden Girl“.  She had all these amazing vintage pieces.  Chris had to chase me out of there cause I could have spent hundreds of dollars.  Here are some of her displays…

A mix of antiques and newer pieces but all had style.

I did find an awesome antique typewriter, I have been looking for one forever.

She even put old sheet music into it, such attention to detail…

It was great fun, definately have to come back next year!!!


Category: Art/Craft Fairs
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  1. Garden Girl says:

    Thankyou for your kind words…..I’m glad we found a good home for the typewriter!! Enjoy!!

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