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Birthday Workshop – Community Mixed Media

Last weekend I had the pleasure of teaching at Marie-Pierre’s (MP) 30th birthday party.  She was very involved in the planning of the piece which I LOVED.  That way I knew she was going to get something she liked.  Sometimes it is hard trying to decide on a piece when you don’t know a person very well.  I could tell that her relationships were important to her so I did a community mixed media piece.

Here is everyone jumping right in.

Community Mixed Media

 I was pretty excited and surprised to find out that half of the guests were guys.  That has never happened.  I am lucky if there is one male and he is usually a brother or a spouse who has been forced into it, haha.  Not with this crowd.  This was a very creative crew who didn’t need to be coerced at all.

Community Mixed Media5

So very focused and precise, awesome!!

Community Mixed Media6

The guest of honour…

Community Mixed Media8

and her piece.

Community Mixed Media9

MP and her sisters.  They were all so sweet and supportive of each other, it was adorable.  (Made me wish I had a sister :)

Community Mixed Media3

Here is Sean (Mr. Ravenswing himself), hard at work, or play I should say.

Community Mixed Media7

He was the first one done.  Here is his gorgeous piece.

Community Mixed Media10

Everyone was so thoughtful in creating their canvases.  Here is another quote on Bruno’s (MP’s spouse) piece.

Community Mixed Media15

The photogenic couple.

Community Mixed Media1

Here is what it looked like on their couch before I took it home for the finishing touches.

Community Mixed Media4

Here is what it looks like now after I outlined everything and tied it all together.

Community Mixed Media11

It is so great because you can see the personalities behind each one.  The bottom is the birthday girl’s and the top is her sister Christine’s crazy haired girl.

Community Mixed Media13

The bottom right corner of this one is Alice in Wonderland themed.  All of the people have roots for feet to represent MP establishing roots as an adult.

Community Mixed Media14

Such a great bunch, they were staying and continuing the party with some drinks, yummy food and karaoke.  So fun!!

Upstairs Antiques, a must stop

Hello all, happy hump day!!!  The sun was shining today, made me want to head to a patio and have a couple drinks.  I remembered I hadn’t shared my little visit to Upstairs Antiques while I was in Vermont.  I make it a point to always stop as there are always some good deals to be had.  It is also two seconds away from my other favourite antique place.

This was a little school desk that greeted us upon our arrival.

Upstairs Antiques

The welcoming flag flying in the wind.  Check out the chair hanging from it.

Upstairs Antiques2

I really wanted to take this garden bench home for our front porch so I could load it up with pillows and sit on it in the mornings to have my first cup of coffee (and second, third…).

Upstairs Antiques3

Quirky collection of framed photos.

Upstairs Antiques4

This to-die for map cabinet is worth going back for I think.  Hopefully it is still there in May and I can convince Chris that we need to take it home.  It looks a little lonely don’t you think?  Needs a good home :)

Upstairs Antiques5

I was thinking this cool anchor could be turned into some industrial looking chandelier.  I wish I could weld or something, haha.

Upstairs Antiques6

This elegant looking Queen Anne style couch was totally adorable.

Upstairs Antiques7

Definitely worth a stop if you are in the area.  A lot of stuff you might not have any idea what it is, but there is always something you have to take home.  I left with an old axe, steel iron and some vintage photos.  I will likely share my goodies once everything is entirely unpacked.

Vermont Art Show

Last Friday I travelled to my Vermont art show with my girls.  First international show, I was pretty excited.  It was at the Vintage Inspired Lifestyle Marketplace.  The shop and second home of Mary Heinrich Aloi.  I just wanted to share a few photos of the wonderful night (courtesy of my friend Steph over at Share The Love)

My girls waiting to be hung up on the wall.

Art Show Vermont

The first Friday of every month Burlington has an art walk throughout the city.  Then even put out a guide for people to find all the participating venues, which I was in, so cool!!

Art Show Vermont2

Getting ready for the big night.

Art Show Vermont3

All hung up and ready to go.

Art Show Vermont4

Everyone was so friendly and some were down right hilarious.  I laughed so much my stomach hurt.

Art Show Vermont5

Posing with my paintings.  Check out my new blue specs, aren’t they awesome? haha!

Art Show Vermont6

It was such a treat to meet Lisa Marie in person as we only ever chatted online.  She was the sweetest thing.  We decided we were mixed media sisters.

Art Show Vermont7

YUP cakes was even there serving up some baked goodness.  I couldn’t resist trying the peanut butter & jelly flavoured one (her hubby swore by them).  It was to die for and I am dreaming of the day I can have one again.

Art Show Vermont8

One of my gorgeous girls Angie who accompanied me on the trip.

Art Show Vermont9

A couple of other hotties, Brittany and Steph (my photographer for the evening) who also came on the road trip to support me.  I am a lucky girl to have such great friends and a man who all made this possible.

Art Show Vermont10

Thanks for such an amazing night Mary and for the yummy cheese and wine!  I just realized I didn’t get a picture of her the night of, sucky :(

I will post more soon on all the amazing antiques we found.

Monday Journal – Tissue Paper Technique

 I just got back from an amazing girls weekend in Vermont last night (will write more on that later).  But first, it’s Monday Journal time and I just wanted to share a page I finished today (my last day before having to head back to work tomorrow)  I did a little tissue paper technique to add some texture and colour to this one.  When I was working on some Easter eggs a couple weeks ago I had pieces of tissue paper lying around, so not wanting anything to go to waste, I stuck them immediately into my art journal.  I always try to keep it around when I am working on other projects to add any leftover pieces or paint to it.

Tissue paper technique

So when I was ready to get my art on, I already had a page started which gave me a jumping off point with the colours.  I added some pretty flowers and pink doilies to it.  I also applied my awesome Crafter’s Workshop Life Numbers stencil with black paint I had purchased at Scrapbook Centrale when I was there for Donna’s class.

Tissue paper technique2

 I have been thinking about family and how I grew up lately.  Things weren’t always perfect as I am sure no one else’s upbringing was either.  I feel it is always  important to “bloom where you are planted”.  Which is the theme of this layout.  I think that it is an important thing to remember in many aspects of our lives (not just with our families).

For the word “bloom” I used some fairly big (and thick) letter stickers and covered them in glass bead gel.

Tissue paper technique3

I then removed them before the gel dried too much as all I wanted was the impression it left behindl.  I love that you can see the flower image and colourful tissue underneath.

Tissue paper technique4

Instead of throwing them out, I quickly stuck the removed letters on the flap of the insert.

Tissue paper technique5

For the rest of the quote I used the same letters and dirtied them up a little by rubbing some Inka-Gold in the Harmatite colour.  I also rubbed some of it on various parts of the pages. Such fun stuff!  It’s non-toxic, has no smell and is made with beeswax.  Over the tree stencil is a fairly big rub-on I found in a discount bin for a whole dollar (such a steal!)

Tissue paper technique7

 Have a great week everyone and don’t forget to bloom lovelies, no matter where you are planted.


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Burlington Art Walk, Vermont, this Friday!!

Man, does time ever fly by.  This Friday, like two sleeps from now I will be heading to Vermont with a few of my girls for the weekend and the Burlington Art Walk.  It will be my first international art show and it is at the amazing Vintage Inspired Lifestyle Marketplace.  I had done a post a little while back about discovering it and meeting the lovely Mary, who is the owner.  I am pretty excited!!

Burlington Art Walk1My family was supposed to be coming with me and we were going to make it a mini vacation but things came up and it has turned into a girls weekend. I am a little sad the fam won’t be with me but getting to hang out with my girls should be a blast.  Everything just kind of came together at the last minute and I was lucky a few were able to come.

Anyway, I just wanted to share a couple more completed Goddess girls.  The first is a steampunk themed one called “The Adventurer”  I started with a Graphic 45 tissue paper which I layered orange paint over.  I then covered it with some Tim Holtx masks and some chipboard gears which I made with my Cuttle Bug and a Tim Holtz die, which I then applied white paint to.

Burlington Art Walk

Once I was done using the gears as masks, I painted them black and used them in the piece as part of her dress and in the balloon. Here she is with her little corset dress and short bangs.

Burlington Art Walk2

I really grunged up some flowers with black sprays and ink for her dress.  I also used more gears from the Tim Holtz Idea-ology collection.

Burlington Art Walk3

An old tag and domino from my collection just finished off the corner of the piece.

Burlington Art Walk4

And the quote…

Burlington Art Walk5

The second piece started with Christy Tomlinson tissue paper.  Love her stuff and her, as a matter of fact.

Burlington Art Walk6

Added some pink doilies, blue chevrons and a couple other elements with stencils and off I went.  This one came together in one sitting.  Love those days when the creativity just flows.

Burlington Art Walk7

Here she is finished, I called it “Sweetness”.

Burlington Art Walk8

Brings me back to the sweetness of youth, with the wind blowing in my hair and not a care in the world.

Burlington Art Walk9

Looking forward to showing my girls around Burlington and Stowe.  If any of you are in the area, please drop by and say hi, I would love to see you!!

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Scrappy Sunday – Donna Downey Class

Happy Easter everyone!!!!  Last weekend I was lucky enough to be able to attend a Donna Downey class at Scrapbook Centrale in Montreal.  I was beyond thrilled.  I love going to Montreal for any reason but to be taking a class from Donna while there was pretty special.  We packed up the family and made a weekend out of it.  We even got to visit my cousin and her family.

We made a gorgeous little mixed media scrapbook album.  Here is the charismatic Donna in action.

Donna Downey Class3

The album was filled with linen, burlap and book pages.  Three of my favourite things.  I brought pictures of our last anniversary snowboarding trip to Stowe, Vermont.  I printed them all in black and white on plain paper so I could wrinkle and distress them.

The framed picture on the cover is of Chris in front of the covered foot bridge in the village.

Donna Downey Class7

The album was filled with Donna’s canvas goodies, some of which are no longer available like the letter titles.

Chris and I strolling around the village trying to take a picture of ourselves.

Donna Downey Class8

The awesome watch piece is a Tim Holtz Pocket Watch.  I loved the feather wings and NEED to get my hands on some more of those.

The picture is of me at the Burton factory being inspired to go snowboarding, haha.

Donna Downey Class9

Before adding all of the goodies we applied gesso to the cardboard pages.  I didn’t apply it evenly because I wanted some of the cardboard to show through which you can see a bit of on this page.  Isn’t that ruffle great under the title?  It is made from cash register tape, that Donna, so creative.

This is a picture of our favourite coffee shop that we head to every morning we are there.

Donna Downey Class10

Donna is all about the masking tape and shipping tags which she calls “brown holes”, haha.  I am not daring enough yet to start using masking tape so when I got home I used washi tape here and there to ground the pictures a bit.

  The pic is of snow falling on the gondola at Stowe Mountain.  It was a beautiful day and trip.

Donna Downey Class11

I never have any problem going to any of the classes by myself as everyone always tends to be pretty friendly.  They usually sit the “singles” at the same table as well so most people are in the same boat as me.  I was seated with a great group of ladies.  Here is one of my table mates Katerine.  She was pretty adorable as this was the first class she had ever taken and it was with Donna Downey, so lucky.  She seemed to enjoy herself and did an amazing job.

Donna Downey Class2

Donna kept everyone laughing and thoroughly entertained.  Here she is helping another person at my table who was also from Ottawa.

Donna Downey Class4

I forgot scissors so my lovely neighbor Nancy loaned me a pair.  Thanks lady!!

Donna Downey Class

Here are some more Ottawa ladies.  You might recognize the one on the left.  It is Stephanie Pouliot who used to teach at the Scrapbox.

Donna Downey Class5

It was such a pleasure to meet Donna and her husband Bill.  I realized after I left that I hadn’t gotten a picture of him :(  True salt of the earth people.

Donna Downey Class6

If you ever get a chance to take a Donna Downey class I highly recommend it.  You won’t be disappointed.

Hope you are having a great long weekend!  Don’t forget to get some creative time in to nourish your soul!

DIY Easter Eggs – Just in time for Easter

I’m sure everyone is looking forward to the amazingly long weekend ahead (for those that get both Friday and Monday off).  No getting up early or making lunches, woooo!!  These DIY Easter eggs are a great little holiday project to do with your kids or by yourself.  I picked up some foam eggs from the dollar store. All they had were the small ones but I wasn’t fussy.

DIY Easter Eggs

I grabbed some tissue paper that I had in my stash and ripped it into smaller pieces…

DIY Easter Eggs2

I then applied a layer of acrylic medium (you can use Modge Podge or Decoupage, whatever you have) then put the tissue paper over the eggs and another layer of medium over top to seal it in.  I wasn’t super careful applying it or anything as I love all the wrinkles and texture it makes.  This is a bit of a messy job and you can’t over handle them because the tissue will start to stick to your fingers.

DIY Easter Eggs3

Once they were thoroughly dry, I applied Titan Buff (which is an off white colour) with a bit of water (to make it more translucent) to all of the eggs.  For this guy I had started with an old dress pattern, then the paint, then blue ink and finished it off with a stamp from Tim Holtz’s line Stamper’s Anonymous.  I used this Little Labels set for all the eggs because the print size was appropriate for these little eggs.

DIY Easter Eggs4

This one already had plenty of colour so I just added a bit of paint and some black text.  Don’t you just love polka dots??

DIY Easter Eggs5

This one started with the cream swirly paper which was a bit dull so I added some yellow India Ink to it and the pointing finger from Tim’s line.  The circle stamp was from my basket of background stamps so I’m not sure where I got it.

DIY Easter Eggs6

This one just had plain pink paper so I added a bit more paint to it then the others to tone it down a little and the black text.

DIY Easter Eggs7

Here they are together in a vase with some raffia.  I will put a couple of these on my Easter dinner table on Sunday to spruce it up a bit.

DIY Easter Eggs8

An easy and fairly quick (except for the drying time in between stages) project you can get done in time for Easter and they won’t stink up the house if one accidentally rolls under the couch and is forgotten.  Plus, you can keep them for next year!!  I would love to see pics if you try them yourself.

Monday Journal – Community Art Journal Page

This week I wanted to do something to honour the group of amazing ladies I met doing an on-line course through Kelly Rae Roberts.  I thought I would do a community art journal page.  This community of women has been wonderful to each other right from day one.  Being a part of a group of like minded artists with similar business goals was a gift all on its own but the way everyone jumps in to offer unconditional support (especially with the difficult things life throws at us) has been pretty special.  They are all like a warm blanket on a cold day.

With Spring here (or attempting to be here, the sun was out today, YEY!) I thought I would use some brighter colours.  I stretched myself a little and used pinks and yellows which I tend never to gravitate towards.  I grabbed papers from my scrap stash and ripped different shaped houses and then applied them with an artist’s medium.

Community Art Journal Page

I then used my navy sludge to paint the night sky.  Why is it night time in my community?  Not sure, maybe it’s because I tend to catch up with them at night once the kids are in bed, haha.  I applied drops of yellow India ink to represent stars (and the ladies).

Community Art Journal Page7

I outlined each of the houses with a watercolour crayon and painted the houses or just the edges to give the paper a more painted effect.  A couple of them it was to add colour as the paper was white.

Community Art Journal Page6

I re-emphasized and added texture with the word “community” down one of the houses with some mini alphabet stickers. ( I add medium over any stickers I use when painting, btw).

Community Art Journal Page5

 What is a neighbourhood without flowers?  I added some Miss Carolina rub-ons from My Mind’s Eye to add a little greenery and finishing touches.

Community Art Journal Page4Community Art Journal Page3






Last but not least I took a white china marker, (that will basically write on anything)…

Community Art Journal Page8

and wrote out the definition of community as it relates to my ladies.  Here it is finished.

Community Art Journal Page2

 Strange as you get older and maybe wiser, you realize the importance of community.  Have any of you found that as well?




Collage Obsession Challenge – “I Can Fly!”

Since I hadn’t participated in a bit I thought I would head over to the Collage Obsession Challenge and see what it was for the week.  As soon as I saw that it was “I can fly”, it instantly made me think of the commission piece I needed to finish for this wonderful lady who can fly and often does.

Her word of the year is CHANGE.  Just like mine.  When she saw my finished change piece that I made to remind myself throughout the year, she asked if I could make her one as well.  I made the change on her piece much bigger.

I can fly1

 This will serve as a little reminder for her that she CAN FLY on the days she is just not feeling it along with keeping her on track with the change she is wanting in her life for this year.  A little spiritual kick in the pants.  I think we can all use it sometimes.  The power of positive thinking is an amazing thing.  You can see the little caterpillar under the words, that change into the butterflies above.

I can fly2

I used Golden Glass Bead Gel mixed with brown paint for this part.  I usually mix it with ink.  I am not sure which I like better.  Either way provides lots of texture but you can’t really see all the beads in this one.  Might just be the dark colour though.

I can fly3

I can’t believe how quickly it came together.  Was able to finish it while the little muffin was napping, now that is quick.  I think that it helps that the person I was making it for is a pretty amazing and inspiring woman.

I can fly4

I hope she enjoys it.  Now I just need to get it to the lovely Louise unless I keep it and switch it out for mine, haha.  I like this one much better :).

A Tour of Marie Antoinette & Co.

I was out looking around for a friend’s birthday present the other day and decided to stop into Marie Antoinette & Co. which is in Ottawa (in the Hintonburg area).  I had discovered this store a few months ago and was completely blown away by all the beautiful things.  When I popped in this time, there was even more stuff.  They certainly do not disappoint with all of the amazing eye candy.  I didn’t have my camera so had to use my phone but I knew I just had to take a few photos to share.

Marie Antoinette & Co1

They literally had items from floor to ceiling.  From awesome burlap pillows and clocks everywhere to…

Marie Antoinette & Co7

all different sized and coloured bird cages.  Swoon!!

Marie Antoinette & Co3

All the creamy blues and whites were just to die for.  Those white plates must find themselves into my kitchen cupboards.

Marie Antoinette & Co

A little corner with red accessories.  Pretty burlap lamp shade with red ribbon.

Marie Antoinette & Co2

They had all kinds of French inspired journals with yummy vintage looking paper inside.  They would be great for wedding guest books or small art journals as well.  SO cool.  I will be back for one of those.

Marie Antoinette & Co6

Check out the ceramic statues, picture frames, candle holders and birds :)

Marie Antoinette & Co5

Look at all the goodies on this table.  Feels like Spring.

Marie Antoinette & Co4

If you are ever looking for inspiration, a gift or something a little special for your home, this is the place.  Every time I go in, things are changed around and there are new lovelies to look at.