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Scrappy Sunday – Circus Themed Birthday

Circus Themed Birthday

Our little Amelia just turned a year old last week and I decided to do a circus theme.  My inspiration for the colours came from this Lion Coffee which was given to us by my sister in law.

I made a circus banner out of cardstock…

and some tissue paper balls (for which I have found a quick Youtube tutorial here for you).  I only used 5 sheets of tissue and then cut it in half once I had folded it all up.  I also just used fishing line to tie them up so they looked like they were floating.







I got some old school popcorn and hot dog containers from the dollar store.

Along with some plastic animals to decorate the cupcakes and cake with.

I used some scrapbook paper to create the cones for the home made sweet potatoe and regular fries.

Circus Themed Scrapbook Layout

As this was such a big event I decided to dedicate three pages to it instead of the usual two.  I printed my photos at home onto matte paper and they don’t seem as nice.  Maybe I need to try a new brand.

  I used the decor from the party for accents in the layouts.  I also tried to tone down the colour a bit with a little black scattered throughout.  I even took my new chicken wire stamp and applied it to the background in some areas and did a little doodling.

Boy, lots of pics today.  Have a great week!!!!

Texture Technique – More Ways To Use Sludge

Texture Technique – Sludge as paint

The next thing I did with sludge is use it as paint.  I was preparing a painting for my man’s birthday and wasn’t using any papers or anything of the sort.  So, I knew it needed some kind of texture and Sludge instantly popped into my head.

I used it for one of the stripes, otherwise it would been too flat for my liking.

Deer painting using Sludge

Figured this was the closest thing to a deer head he would get into the house (not a huge fan of animal carcasses).

Deer painting using Sludge

Sludge with stencil

For the last piece I used one of my awesome old school plastic doilies as a stencil.  I saw Christy Tomlinson use one in a tutorial and I just had to get my hands on one. I just set the doily down on the painting and applied quite a bit of Sludge to the top of it, making sure I got into every crack and crevice.

 When I carefully lifted it I was totally happy with the chunky remnants it left.  So, I had to do it again, haha.

The finished piece entitled “Home Tweet Home“.  Isn’t that doily image SO darn cute!!!!

Texture Technique – Impressions in Sludge

Anyone who knows me artistically knows I love, love, love texture.  I could just eat it up.  Hey, maybe that is why I love it, because it looks like you could eat it up.  Maybe this relates to my love of food, haha!  I digress. Anyway, I have found this amazing stuff called Sludge.  It is this awesome environmentally friendly product which is basically a by-product of acrylic paint manufacturing.  Just want to give a virtual pat on the back to Tri-Art for producing it since it essentially costs them more to put out then paint.  I picked mine up at Wallack’s in Ottawa, but if you check their website you might find it in your local art shop.  I have a couple extra bottles so I have put some up in my etsy shop here for those who don’t have access to any and would like to try it out.

I am totally loving this stuff, it is so much fun.  It comes in a thin or thick consistency and is made in batches so is usually different colours.  I, of course, love the thick stuff.  It is even a little grainy which I think is brilliant.  I tried a few different things with it so I am doing this post in two parts.

Impressions in Sludge

   The first piece I did with it was a tree for little Molly (a good friend’s daughter). I took a canvas and drew an outline of where I was going to add the paper trunk to later.  I wanted to make sure not to add texture under where the trunk or leaves were going to be because it makes it difficult to adhere the paper to the canvas.

I then applied some sludge quite thickly to the canvas in a few layers.  You have to work kind of quickly without letting it dry so that the texture technique will work properly…



Then I took a wooden stamp (b-day gift, from Tibet, isn’t it cool?) which has quite deep grooves in it, directly into the thick layers of sludge.  I continued to do this all over the canvas.



Until it looked like this.

Sludge Texture Technique

I then let it dry and applied my trunk and leaves with Modge Podge.  I took my Faber Castell PITT pens to outline the leaves a little.  Here is the finished piece.  Don’t the colours remind you of the menu from Le Hibou in my Wakefield post?

I shall be posting a couple more techniques soon ;)

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Visit to Wakefield

What a beautiful day!! I took a drive out to one of my favourite places, Wakefield, Quebec.  One day I shall live there.   I went to two of my most loved pit stops.  The first was the covered bridge.


There is something so orderly and beautiful about the ceiling…

Then to Le Hibou (which means “The Owl”)for a drink.  It was too busy to have time for nibbles but everything on the menu looked delish.  The staff and atmosphere are all so welcoming and comfy.  I love the black and white damask wallpaper on the upper half of the wall.

Check out this cute seating area.  I so wanted to sit there but it was occupied when we arrived.

Finally their awesome menu cover, which has totally inspired me to paint.

Off I go, check back in a few days to see what I have come up with.


Scrappy Sunday

First off, the winner of the Websters Pages goodie bag is Tracey – “How about cutting your lovely paper into strips and place along the two pages”.  I will be sending that off to you tomorrow!!!

This week I decided to start getting caught up on Milah’s school pictures.  Here is what I came up with.

Now the pages separately so you can see them a little more close up.

I felt the background paper was a little too plain so I used a mask and took a sponge to my navy ink pad and applied it over the mask.  Then I removed the mask and voila!  Just a subtle detail that makes a huge difference.

Aren’t those antique brads to die for???  I got them from Stampin UP!

Travel Themed Wedding

Getting back from my girlfriend’s wedding and just wanted to give you a few pics of the decor for the wedding in which I had done the invitations for here.  First the bride and groom.

Me giving my speech.

The centerpieces I helped put together.  The candle holders were plain vases from Dollarama which I covered in an eyelet lace material and the table numbers were cut with a Tim Holtz Sizzix die.

I also made a Mr. and Mrs. sign for the bride and groom’s table.

The cake pops the lovely bride made for her favours.  We put them in vintagey suitcases purchased at Michaels.  The thank you tags on the pops were punched from the same paper as the invitations with a Stampin Up! punch.

I wish I had a website for the cupcake lady so I could give a shout out to her.  She did an amazing job, super professional and the cupcakes tasted yummy.  She even brought us seashells to help decorate.  When I get a hold of her contact information I shall post it here.

Hope this gave you some ideas for your own wedding!!

Scrappy Sunday and Giveaway!!

Hi there, I trust you all had a fabulous weekend.  I, unfortunately, am back to work tomorrow after being off for over a year on maternity leave.  I might not go to bed so I do not have to wake up in the morning to leave my wonderful home and baby girl :(

On to more positive and happy thoughts, the cottage.  Some of you may recognize some of the photos as I did a blog post about our week away here.  Thought it was about time I scrapbooked (is that even a word?) it.

I had this gorgeous nautical themed page that looked like a postage stamp (which is from Webster’s Pages) but I only had one and wanted to do a two page layout.  I really wanted to incorporate it so, I cut it into two pieces.  A third I put on the far left side and the rest on the right page.  YEY!  I love the way it brings out the yellow flowers in the picture of me holding Amelia.

Most of the accessories are from Webster’s except for the ribbon which is from Stampin Up! and the title which was done with my Cricut (man I love that machine).

Now for the giveaway part…all you have to do is leave a comment on how you incorporate a single page into a double page spread and I shall pick one at random and send you a little goodie bag of Webster’s Pages stuff.  They seem to be my favourite lately so I thought I would share them with you.  Don’t you just love free stuff???

Kids Valentine’s Cards

I was asked by Milah’s art teacher to come in and be a guest teacher.  In that Valentine’s Day is coming up I thought it would be a good idea to do cards with them.  I tried to keep it simple and gave them the option of only two cards.  Here is my sample of the most popular one.

I got the template from Skip To My Lou.  I didn’t add a lollipop to mine though.  Just cut out a large circle with a punch for the head.  I also couldn’t find all red brads for the wing mechanism.  The only thing I could find were red brads with letters on them so I bought red glitter glue and had the kids cover them up.  I also had them cut out plain red circles (using the white piece as a template) then had all kinds of self adhesive glitter hearts for them to add a little bit of shine.  Of course some of the kids took the sample and ran with it, as kids do.  I thoroughly enjoyed watching the more daring ones come up with things like making the wings flap with a pipe cleaner contraption.  That boy was definite engineer material.  Here are some of the kids in action.

Milah going against the grain and doing her own thing entirely.

Zoe with her cute smile.

Kaitlyn really not wanting to get her picture taken.

Here are a few finished Valentine’s Cards…

Leila added antenna with some black card stock.

I had a great time and hopefully didn’t embarrass my daughter too much, haha!!

Scrappy Sunday

It’s Scrappy Sunday time again!

This week I have continued on with Ava’s book and have done a layout of the two proud grandma’s holding their new granddaughter for the first time.  I tried to keep it fairly simple, but added a bit of bling with the glass and rhinestone baubles.

a close-up of the accessories…

A girl has got to have some bling.  The second one is of her first Christmas – she was so tiny…

and a close-up of the gorgeous flower…

Almost this entire layout was done with Webster’s Pages products.  Their products lend themselves well to little girl pages.  SOOO cute!!  As this scrapbook is only 8X8 I have been able to do a couple layouts at a time.  Not sure if I will be able to keep that up for the 12X12 ones.  Hopefully though, at this rate I shall be caught up in no time, haha.

Hopefully this inspires you to get cracking!  Have a great Monday tomorrow!

Reverse Canvas Tutorial

Thought I would do a quick reverse canvas tutorial on a way to change up your typical canvas.  Just turn it around!!  Using a reverse canvas this way is great when you have bulky items you want to add to your piece or like the look of having a built in frame around your art.

So, you take this….

Reverse Canvas Tutorial

Then add this with a medium or Modge Podge…

Reverse Canvas Tutorial

It should be tissue paper, a sewing pattern or something equally thin and light so that it easily gets into all the cracks and crevices.  7 gypsies have some amazing tissue papers.

Then you can make this…

Reverse Canvas Tutorial

Reverse Canvas Tutorial

and this…

Reverse Canvas Tutorial

Reverse Canvas Tutorial

You should really use something a little more substantial when gluing larger pieces such as the nest and zipper circles.  I used my trusty glue gun, one of my favourite tools.

I shall be posting a more extensive video tutorial on incorporating zippers into your work soon, so stay tuned…

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