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Scrappy Sunday – A Nice Spring Walk

This layout started with a nice spring walk.  This week is also loosely based on the same layout template as my previous one.  I had this gorgeous flower diecut from Webster’s Pages that was the same shape as the center piece I wanted to use.

Here is the double page layout of us taking a walk after dinner when we went to Peterborough for Easter.

One page at a time…

The “family” tag and journaling card are from Stampin Up!

The bird and swirlies are from Prima and are paper backed canvas pieces called “mistables”.  Here is a video with a few different types of mistables and what you can do with them.  They are pretty cool as they help bring my love of mixed media into my scrapbooking.  I used a Tattered Angel Glimmer Mist to spray them with but you could use ink in a spray bottle and just dilute it a little with water.

Some come with a pattern that resists the ink when you spray them.  Just like this bird piece.  I added a little pearl for his eye.

I am going to leave you with a link to a video with different mistables and some great ideas for other scrapbook layouts.

Time For An Art Journal – Part 2

A while back I started making my own art journal so I would have a place to try new techniques.  The first part of making the journal can be found here.  I finally managed to get it finished.  I gathered all of my papers for the inside, which were comprised of vintage book pages, maps and watercolour/mixed media sheets.  The papers were different sizes and I put them in different directions to add some interest.

I punched four holes through the cover with my cropodile to use as a guide.  Then came the pages, a few at a time. I found two thick blue elastics (on my broccoli, good recycling :) and ran one through the top two holes, going from back to front so the loops were at the top.  I did the same for the bottom two holes.  In the interest of full disclosure, I did break one the first time pulling it through.  I got a little over zealous, haha.  I would also recommend running it through a few sheets at a time so they don’t tear.  I then took a cool looking paint brush  and slide it through the loops to hold it all together.  You could use anything though, such as a stick for a more rustic look or an antique utensil for a vintage feel.


To finish it off I took out my Ranger Melting Pot

I love encaustic so I wanted to try to get the look without all of the work.  Since this journal is just for me, I thought I would experiment.  So, I melted some soy wax chips and applied it to the surface.  I think I put on about three layers with each layer going in the opposite direction.  I love the cloudy look it gave to the cover and not to mention the texture it added.

But after a day or two, once it had completely dried, it cracked a bit :(

For this purpose, I really don’t mind but if you were working on something special, it would likely be an issue.  Sometimes it doesn’t pay to take shortcuts.  I still love the way it turned out, flaws and all.  Nobody is perfect, so neither should our art be.

MIA this week

It has been a little busy, so no Scrappy Sunday, sorry!!!  I have been MIA this week but I do have an excuse, or a few rather but the best one is that one of my bestest friends had her baby so I drove out to visit.  Introducing Gord Junior…

With mom and big sister Molly…

Isn’t he adorable?

With the nice weather on its way, we have started to clean up the back yard so I have been working on a piece for the kids area outside.  Almost done, just need to find the staple gun :)

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Collage Obsession Challenge – The Sun

This week’s challenge over on Collage Obesession was the sun.  I thought this little piece was appropriate as it seems to summarize all the good feelings that the sun can stir up.  The smell of fresh laundry drying, the sight of beautiful trees blooming and the sound of bees buzzing in the air.


I created this small 4X4 gem with a scrap piece of wood left over from building the baby’s room.  Hrm, I feel a tutorial coming on.  Stay tuned…

Scrappy Easter Sunday

Time for Scrappy Easter Sunday.  So, what are these paint chips for you ask? A few weeks ago my friend Brittany asked me to go to Rona with her to get paint for their new house which they are renovating.  I found these great large paint chips and knew there was something I could do with them.  I used them as background papers for Amelia’s 6 month layout.

The background paper with the stitched tree and house is from K & Company, isn’t it lovely??

The birds were made from my Stampin Up! paper punch.  One of them I punched from a multi-striped paint chip.

I rounded the corners of my background papers and my pictures because the paint chip corners were rounded.  I used an old Creative Memories Corner Maker that I have had for over a decade.  Still works like a charm.

The gorgeous flower is from Webster’s Pages.  I think I need to try making some of those on my own.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday weekend and you get some time to yourself to create!!

Peterborough Garden Show

Today we went to the Peterborough Garden Show.  Another beautiful day!!  These were orchids that I can’t remember the name of, haha.  Very cool though.

So many talented vendors, there was a guy who made really amazing water features…

There was another exhibit from “La Petite Fleur“.  They had the most amazing pillows…

My favourite exhibitor was by far the “Garden Girl“.  She had all these amazing vintage pieces.  Chris had to chase me out of there cause I could have spent hundreds of dollars.  Here are some of her displays…

A mix of antiques and newer pieces but all had style.

I did find an awesome antique typewriter, I have been looking for one forever.

She even put old sheet music into it, such attention to detail…

It was great fun, definately have to come back next year!!!


Easter, as always a visit to the zoo

So, we are in Peterborough for Easter, as always a visit to the zoo is necessary.  It is open year round and is free.  Can you believe it?  The girls always love to head down there.  The weather was beautiful so off we went.  Father and son (so handsome :)…

The crazy turkeys, their feathers are so cool…

 The spitting camel…
The girls on the fake camel (which has seen better days)…

The ostrich had laid the most beautiful eggs…

The peacocks feathers were so amazing…

Amelia off to the park area.

Tomorrow, the Peterborough Garden Show!!

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Scrappy Sunday – It’s Almost Easter!!

This one is a little late as I had a day of shopping in Montreal, so awesome!!! Car full of girls, some great clothing stores and sushi for lunch.  What more could you ask for?

Today’s Scrappy Sunday layout was loosely based on the second sketch for March from the Scrapbox.

Since it is almost Easter I thought I should scrapbook last year’s celebration.  Instead of using circular shapes for the centre and right, I chose squares.

 One page at a time…

It is always a good idea to ground your photos with a solid coloured border when you have patterned papers in your layout.

The cut out flowers and eggs were from a digital download on itkupilli’s shop.  She has some adorable Easter stuff.

This layout has gotten me excited for this weekend and the kid’s big Easter egg hunt.  Have a great short week everyone!

Gypsy and Company

Just wanted to let you know about a cute little vintage shop that is downtown off of Elgin called Gypsy and Company.  When I find somewhere I like, I just have to share.  They have a great mixture of vintage and handmade items in the store.  It is full of personality and so is the staff.  Every time I go in everyone, including the customers, are so chatty.  It is awesome.

Very interesting art work done with 35mm film I believe and check out the lamp…

Some vintage goodies…

Some handmade goodies…

Some homemade goodies…

They have it all, haha!!  I must go back and have one of those yummy looking ginger cookies!!  I have vowed to spend more time there, like sit and stay a while as it is close to my work.  I’m bound to have some interesting conversations and great food (which is vegan and vegetarian btw!).

Collage Challenge – simply White

This week’s challenge over on Collage Obesession is simply WHITE.  Hrm, this was a difficult one for me in that I usually incorporate tons of elements to my pieces to add depth and texture.  I had to step out of my usual comfort zone.  Which is the point of all of this I guess, it is called a challenge right??  So, this is what I came up with…

I cheated a tiny bit as I added a touch of blue to my white for the background so not everything melded into one.

Check out all the lovely texture I created with one of my vintage doilies and some gesso…

Hope everyone is having a good week, half way to the weekend.  WOOO!!!