Owl Mixed Media and Mini Album

I have always had an affinity for owls.  Their beauty and the seemingly peaceful calm they posses is inspiring.  I have had an owl journal for years and painted this owl mixed media piece representing Chris and I a few years ago.

Aren’t we cute???

I have come to realize that owls are all the rage right now and you can find them EVERYWHERE!!  You would think being such a big fan, I would be loving this, but for some reason, I was not.  I guess it made me feel like everyone was going to get overloaded with all of these sacred creatures and then be sick of them, including myself.  As humans, we are fickle that is for sure.  Then I started thinking, what does it matter?  They will always be special to me, haha.

So, I am preparing a few sample mini albums for Molly over at The Village Quire.  It is an adorable little shop on Richmond in Westboro with cards and all kinds of adorable things btw.  I thought in honour of these amazing birds, I would make an owl one.

I thought the cover was missing something so I added this adorable charm to it.

The base is just a chipboard album I purchased at Micheals.

I first painted all the pages white then covered them with paper using a matte medium (Modge Podge would work as well).

Once they were dry I added some paint to create a bit of texture.

Then it was all about simple embellishments with stamps, card stock and various ribbons.  Of course I had to us felt, one of my loves.  I also added a little owl with pearl eyes on each page.

Now, it’s your turn to embrace the hibou and go make something.  Don’t forget to come back and share it here with me!!

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9 Responses
  1. Sherry P says:

    I had no idea owls were so beloved by our art community! I’m thrilled. Owls are only a recent “obsession” of mine. I’ve even just carved an owl rubber stamp based on a drawing I did. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful artwork at Collage Obsession this week!

  2. Cheryl Dossey says:

    Hi Sherry,
    Just checking out the other Owl fanatics from Collage Obsession. I loved this weeks challenge.
    Your owls are so sweet. And I love your blog, did you design it yourself??

    • Renee | peaberry designs says:

      Hi Cheryl, I have pulled a lot of different elements together to create my blog and luckily my wonderful man is an IT guy so he is great with bringing my vision to fruition.

  3. Kaylene Maalste says:

    Absolutely delightful

  4. Electra says:

    I love every single thing about your album! That owl charm is amazing!

  5. Lori says:

    Gorgeous mixed media piece. Lovely colour and design – and they are so cute!

  6. Lori Saul says:

    Wow- what beautiful creations- each with such a wonderful owl image- love your work!

  7. Arnoldo L. Romero says:

    I love your whimsical collection of owls. They really are fascinating animals. Blessings!

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