Outdoor Halloween Decor

I got into the car yesterday and my youngest, Amelia said to me “Maman, do you know why everybody is decorating their houses?” and I was about to answer when daddy gave me the look like – don’t do it.  The look that tells me she will have a huge meltdown if I actually respond with the answer because she is the one who wants to tell me even though she asked in question form, haha.  I, of course responded with the required “why?”.  Which she then responded quite loudly “HALLOWEEN IS COMING!!”.

This huge burst of enthusiasm made me realize that I had been so busy decorating the store for the holiday that I had completely forgotten about the home front.  I am usually super excited about decorating and preparing for every holiday and I have now realized that in just two short weeks it will be trick or treat time and my girls have no costumes and I have no plans for decor.  What a horrible mother I am, haha.  So, tonight we begin the Halloween plans and I thought I would share my top 10 Outdoor Halloween Decor inspiration.

I had a hard time finding the original sources for the first few but I am totally loving the vintagey feel of this one.

Outdoor Halloween Decor1

This one may be a little dark for the kids but I thought it was cool (maybe when Amelia is older).

Outdoor Halloween Decor2

Using pumpkins as canvases is such a great idea.


This is also a little creepy but brilliant.

Outdoor Halloween Decor4

I like the natural look of this one which I found here.

Outdoor Halloween Decor5

There were actually a couple I liked in this post, but this was my favourite.  Polka dots – my fav!

Outdoor Halloween Decor6

I love this little cheap and cheerful outdoor decor idea found here.

Outdoor Halloween Decor7

This cute entrance features a trapped witch that I saw here but I don’t think it is the original source.  Now to find those tights.

Outdoor Halloween Decor8

I found this idea of incorporating gourds in a whole new way on the Better Homes & Gardens website.

Outdoor Halloween Decor9

And last but not least, one from the Martha Stewart website where there is even a tutorial on making the hanging bats.

Outdoor Halloween Decor10

There is also a section with free Halloween clip-art if you are looking for some inspiration.

I shall keep you posted on our projects and give you the final unveil of our porch shortly.  Wish me luck!!!

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29 Responses
  1. Krafty chick says:

    Lots of great inspiration. Thanks for sharing.
    Krafty chick (BL)

  2. LorisArtsyObsession says:

    Wow, you have some hard decisions to make if you are going to follow one of those. They were all great. How do you choose? (BL)

  3. Tammy Smith says:

    What great inspiration for Halloween decorations. I haven’t decorated in years but I really enjoy seeing what everyone else comes up with. Thanks for sharing.

    Tammy S.
    Bloggie Love.

  4. Sarah Biswabic says:

    These ideas are awesome! BL, Sarah

  5. Haidee Shableau says:

    Great ideas I do fall not halloween so I can still use some ideas TFS
    from BL group H

  6. Janet's Creative World says:

    love the ideas!! TFS Bloggie Love Janet

  7. Sharon Callis says:

    Oh golly so much inspiration, wanna try them ALL, thanks for sharing (BL)

  8. Rhonda Helm says:

    im not really one to decorate outside but i am liking all of the inspiration you just gave us.thanks


  9. Bev Code says:

    OMG these are all amazing outdoor decor.. love them all.. BL

  10. Vanessa (BL) says:

    I love the decorations. They are awesome. (BL)

  11. Shanna says:

    How fun these re all exciting. I can’t wait to see. Shanna BL

  12. Robin says:

    Thank you for all of the wonderful Halloween decorating ideas. I may have to try some myself.

  13. Colleen says:

    There are some really great ideas here. I think you can get those stockings at Michaels, I saw a whole bunch on an end cap for sale. BL

  14. Tonya Trantham says:

    So much Halloween inspiration! Love it!
    Your BL friend Tonya :-)

  15. Liz Mullen says:

    So much inspiration. I love looking at it all. I liked the vinyl tree on the door! I might have to try that. (Group C_BL)

  16. Michelle Kinder says:

    Those are some cool projects. Thanks for the inspiration. BL

  17. Crazy About Cricut says:

    These are so brilliant!! I love the limbs sticking out of the potted plants, def gotta try it! TFS ~ Jenny (BL)

  18. Lyne B says:

    We don’t celebrate Halloween, but some of these more fall looking ones are cute.
    Lyne – BL

  19. LisaM says:

    Love all the inspiration! TFS! BL

  20. Lori Apgar says:

    Love the inspiration here!! Now I just need motivation to decorate my front porch!! So far I have 3 pumpkins out :)

    BL Hugs ~ Lori

  21. Lezlye says:

    Great idea’s here! Which one will you choose?? BL

  22. Scrappin Madge says:

    I love each and every one!!! What great inspiration!! Halloween has become my second favorite holiday right up there with Christmas!!! I love to decorate for Halloween Thank you so much for all of the spooky inspiration!!! I love the witch in the pot, and the fun mummy. Fun Fun Fun… Loves-MADGE BL

  23. Sukie Dhillon says:

    Wow, all of those look amazing! A lot of work I might add, but otherwise fabulous! Looking forward to seeing what you come up for your own home. Thanks for sharing! BL

  24. Stephanie Bargelski says:

    Stephanie B’s Creative Designs here. WOW so much to pick from. My children and I use to do our house up. Now that they are grown and have their own house to do up, mine doesn’t have anything on the porch!! I will have to get out and put up a pumpkin!! BL

  25. Mary Kay Lyons-McDonnell says:

    These are so inspirational. I rarely decorate my front porch. I put the carved pumpkins, and then a plastic scary thing on the front door. I love window clings and I have some rats. But that’s about it. I love the witch in the pot so cool BL

  26. Stephanie Bargelski says:

    Stephanie B’s Creative Designs here. The porch that has the witches legs crack me up!! BL

  27. Shawn Mosch says:

    We just moved, and we have a nice porch area on the new house. I should try some of these ideas.

    Design Team Coordinator for The Buckle Boutique

  28. LorisArtsyObsession says:

    Stopping by to give bloggie love BL

  29. LorisArtsyObsession says:

    Happy Saturday. BL

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