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So, I have a fair coming up this Sunday which I am pretty excited about.  It is my first year attending.  It is Sandy Hill’s One & Only Arts & Crafts Fair which is at the Sandy Hill Community Centre from 10am to 4pm.  Should be a lot of fun and there is a free buffet.  Free food, how can you go wrong?

Due to this fair, I thought I should whip up some little darlings for people to purchase and give to loved ones over the holidays (without breaking the bank).  I have been feeling pretty inspired this week so whip up, I did!!  Here are some butterfly cuties.

Here are some houses I was inspired to do from my Quebec City post.

Creating the manly piece last week made me realize that I don’t have very many masculine paintings, so it inspired me to create more man mixed media pieces.  I thought, guys like to fish right?  Why not give them something cooler and much more esthetically pleasing than a stuffed fish to hang on the wall…

I think I might do more of those, I had a blast making them.

The last piece I am going to share is a fun little one.  First, I wanted to remind you all that mixed media does not have to be expensive and really lends itself well to reusing/recycling.  I wanted to create a tree with texture so I took some shredded red paper and just applied it with a generous amount of medium.  The paper obviously isn’t the right colour.

So I just painted over it.  I also used left over brown bits of paper to create the trunk.

I then had some pink trim which wasn’t the right colour.

I just painted over it as well and grunged it up a little with a brown Faber Castell Pitt Pen.

Now, the final piece.   I like the contradiction of the stuffy looking business man taking flight courtesy of his umbrella and he really seems to be enjoying it, going with the flow.

I hope you all have an amazing weekend planned.  Not only do I have a fair, I get to hike in the Gatineau Park and check out a new coffee shop I have been wanting to see.  All with my girlfriends, to celebrate a birthday, YEY!!

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  1. Suzanne McRae says:

    I love your masculine fish paintings. All the best at your fair. If I was in town I’d drop in but I’ll be there shortly tomorrow instead of Sunday. Hope you sell all your goods. :)

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