Monday Journal – Fly Mixed Media

I guess this didn’t post last night so here is me trying again…

This week’s Monday Journal was inspired by nature.  We were camping over the weekend with our girls.  It was our first weekend out and it was great, except for Sunday.  It rained ALL day which meant we were all in the tent trailer together for most of the day.  2 adults, 1 puppy, 1 two year old, 1 eight year old and 2 thirteen year olds (Milah brought a friend).  I am sure you can imagine how much we wanted to scratch each other eyes out by the end of the evening, haha.  I really wished I had brought a portable art kit with me.  I really must put one together that I can grab on the go.  I am exaggerating a tad as it actually wasn’t that bad.

 Fly Mixed Media

I knew I wanted earthy colours and leaves.  I started with my 2inch circle punch (cause I love circles) and covered my pages with them.

Fly Mixed Media2

I then circled the punches with silver and orange paint using my finger.  I also applied modeling paste with punchinella, being careful not to cover my circles.

Fly Mixed Media3

I didn’t have any leaf stamps handy but I did have feather ones so that is what I used.  I bunched them together to give the effect of leaves and I embossed them using an American Craft Zing! Aqua embossing powder.

I then stamped some butterflies (another of my favourite things) onto a patterned paper and cut them out.  I also threw some buttons on.  Here is the first side…

Fly Mixed Media6

And the other.  Voila, the Fly mixed media layout.  The one word “Fly” was inspired by the Collage Obsession challenge for this week.

Fly Mixed Media7

I hope you are taking the time for yourself and getting your art on.

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6 Responses
  1. Tiffany says:

    What a TREAT!
    So glad you got your “art on” & shared it with us! I love seeing all the steps. You are so creative…I love stopping by. xo

    Omgoodness, how did the puppy do in the tent all day? Ha ha ha ha! Sounds challenging!

  2. Deann says:

    A wonderful collage beautiful hands on artwork…well done!

  3. Earl says:

    Beautiful work.


  4. Gracie O says:

    Such a cheerful piece, nice job.

  5. Coral says:

    Love the teal/blue – that colour always seems to make things pop! The black mono print is gorgeous too. In love with stencils and monoprinting at the moment. And modelling paste on tags…. if I’m patient enough to wait for it to dry :)

  6. Electra says:

    This is lovely! The circles especially!

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