Man Mixed Media

This week over on the Collage Obsession blog the challenge is “MEN”.  So, I of course had to do a Man Mixed Media piece.  I admit, a lot of my stuff is girlie so I was looking forward to trying something new with this one.  I even had the perfect image I had been hanging on to from the Graphics Fairy.  I also had a pair of wooden antlers hanging around from Artchix Studio that I thought would fit right in as anything remotely to do with hunting is the epitome of manly.  Here he is.

It is titled “Remember when there were no limits”.  As in no limits to your imagination, or creativity or play time.  He just brings me to a happy place and hopefully does for you too.

Category: Mixed Media
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  1. Eila A. says:

    Renee, your collage is absolutely wonderful! The photo is awesome, and I really love all the details you have added – especially the antlers. Great piece with an original idea in it!

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