Il Mercato – Preston Street Marketplace

What a windy weekend!!!  Our first weekend at the Il Mercato – Preston Street Marketplace was super busy.  Unfortunately, people weren’t buying, haha.  I think  we just need to be patient though :)   I believe this will grow to be a great thing.  We had some awesome vendors.  The first day I had a great neighbour, Shebamakeda Glass Art.  Her stylish nephew even went and got me lunch.  Best neighbours ever.

Check out her gorgeous hand sculpted glass beads.  I over heard an elderly lady call them seductive, hehe, pretty cute.

Alyssa was there with her strut worthy jewelry.

There was a sister team at the Bedazzled Boxes booth.

Loved the sea worthy paintings they had.

On the second day, my lovely neighbour, who’s face will remain faceless (she didn’t want her picture taken), was Busy Girl Design.  She had super cool headbands and hair pieces.

They all had funky vintage finds on them.

Check out those feathers :)

There was also an adorable husband and wife team, Preston and Agata.  Their pieces were veddy cool.  You can check out some of their art at

Hope to see you all this Saturday!!!!


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  1. Stephanie says:

    Oh cool! I’ll have to go check things out, such amazing stuff! Hey we should tell Lynne about the hair pieces, she’s looking for something in her hair for the wedding.

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