Holiday trip to Vermont

Thanks to my amazing in-laws Chris and I were able to get back to Vermont between Christmas and New Years.  We try to do this every year for our anniversary and I just wanted to share a couple pics so you can see why we love it so much.  I didn’t get very many pics this time as I wanted to just be in the moment.

We picked up coffee and hit the road.


 These are not relevant to the trip but I had them shipped to Ogdensburg from Modcloth and picked them up en route.  Aren’t they adorable???  Distracted by shoes again.


 We always try out a new place every time we stay in Stowe and this time we stayed at The Gables Inn.  We got the last room which was quite small (so small in fact that I was joking that if one of us fell off of the bed we would hit the wall, haha), but the staff and breakfast were amazing.  You know it is good when the locals come to eat before they start their day.


 Here is a view of the mountain right outside our Inn.  Since there wasn’t much snow, we decided to take snowboarding off the table on this trip and just tour around.


 One of the many roadside barns.


 Gorgeous covered bridge we saw on the way to Parker Pie.


 One of the guys that work at our favourite bar, The Matterhorn (where we got to see Harvey Keitel play pool with his family btw), told us we needed to take a trip to Parker Pie.  One of the best pizzas in all of Vermont.  We drove almost an hour to go there for lunch but found out upon arrival that they are closed on Mondays in the winter and it was literally in the middle of nowhere so there was no other place to eat.


The drive was beautiful though and we had no where we had to be (we were on vacation) so we drove another hour to the next town.

We saw this place along the way and I so wanted it to be open but it looked like it hadn’t been in business for a while and still had tons of awesome stuff in it.  What a shame.


 Of course there were many, many churches but I LOVED the clock on this one.


 We were headed for the Three Penny Taproom in Montpelier (another place we were told we had to visit) and the drive was definitely worth it.  We had some AMAZING sandwiches, the bartender was great and the beer menu was entirely craft beer.


It was dark by the time we got out of there.


I of course had to stop into my girlfriend Mary’s shop Vintage Inspired Lifestyle Marketplace in Burlington.  I could probably fill a transport trailer with stuff I want from that place.  So beautifully curated and Mary is pretty talented so you can see her personal touches everywhere.


 Mary took us for appetizers and drinks (to discuss a possible retreat together) at her son’s amazing restaurant Hen of the Wood.  It is THE place in town and luckily we had connections cause we would have never gotten in.  Food was delicious, atmosphere was nice (we were sitting by the fire) and of course, good beer.  They even had stuff from some Quebec breweries.  They change their menu every day so I got to take one home.


  We were so busy running around on this trip that we didn’t get a chance to stop at my favourite artisan store in Stowe so I just snapped a picture on our way out of town.


 Well, this was meant to be a quick post while my sick little one napped but it didn’t turn out that way sorry.  I do love Vermont.  Can you imagine if I would have had more pictures????  I also just realized that this post should have probably been entitled beer tastings of Vermont instead.


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3 Responses
  1. Lisamarie says:

    So sorry I missed you! Sounds like you really got around and had a fun time. so glad! I saw Mary last weekend… I’m with you, I could fill a small trailer with everything I love from her store. I must drive her nuts because I spend hours there :)

  2. Mary says:

    Renee, wonderful to see you! It was a delightful time and I look forward to future plans with you.

    PS LisaMarie, I love that you linger in the marketplace. Come more often!

  3. Mary says:

    ps I’ll link this to my facebook page tomorrow…

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