Hermes – “Hearts and Crafts” Documentary

 I just finished watching the French documentary “Hearts and Crafts” about the amazing people who make HERMES.  The style house began with a simple saddle over 100 years ago and are now producing many coveted women’s fashion pieces.  The documentary premiered last year on the Sundance Channel and I can’t believe it has taken me this long to watch it.  To be honest, it took a while to find it.  I was so incredibly impressed and further realized why designer goods are SO expensive.  All of the painstaking details and time that go into every piece is amazing.

It makes me truly appreciate the pure silk “Les Tambours” Hermes scarf that recently came into my possession.  Thank you to the lady that just appeared at my table at a craft fair asking if I would like some “fabrics” to do with what I pleased.  I said “sure and what I don’t use I shall pass on”.  When I got home and went through the bag, I found this Hermes scarf and nearly fell on my a**.  I feel like this is the universe rewarding me for my dedication to vintage and repurposing as much as I can :)

This was a popular design so was made in many colours.  It is by the designer J. Metz and I think is from 1989.  This isn’t my favourite colour as there is a black and cream one that is super nice but beggars can’t be choosers.

Each colour is silk screened by hand and allowed a month to dry in between layers, a little unbelievable really.  It shall be treasured.

Now for the documentary so you can enjoy it.  It is divided into seven parts but is actually just forty seven minutes in length.  Don’t worry it has English subtitles for those that don’t understand French. I do hope you get a chance to watch, it is impressive.

Hope you all get a chance to be creative this weekend!!!

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