Follow-up from the Faire

So many things going on this month.  I unfortunately do not have any pictures from the fair as I forgot my brand new camera (that I got for my birthday from my amazing man, which I love, love, love.  Camera that is, well, and the man).  I feel like such an idiot for such an oversight.  I am still hoping some of the vendors may have gotten pics they can forward.  I was so impressed with all of the great quality and original items from the vendors.  I had a great day and sold many paintings.  Namely the top one in the picture below.

I used my Tim Holtz dress form stamp. I LOVE all of his stuff.  Oh, to be independently wealthy, I would buy all of his products in a second.
We are already on the look out for another larger venue for our spring edition of Savoir Faire. So, if you have any ideas in the downtown Aylmer area please let me know.

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