DIY Valentine Holders

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner I thought I would give you different ways to deliver your love notes by showing you some DIY Valentine Holders.  All of which are made with felt of course (you know me and my love of felt).  Felt is so easy to recycle, work with and it doesn’t fray.

The first ones I made are little pockets cut out in animal shapes.  I cut the top and bottom at the same time so they were exactly the same size.  I then sewed all of the little hearts and  buttons on the front piece before putting them together.

Valentine Holder

I then sewed on the back piece with some floss and a simple blanket stitch.  I left the top part open to make a pocket.

Valentine Holder2

Stick a chocolate and a love note in it and it’s ready for the munchkin in your life.  BTW, there are so many free Valentine printables available online but Miss Tina`s are some of the cutest and the ones I used.

Valentine Holder3

The next are just little heart pillows.  I used some recycled fabric and felt I made from old sweaters.  Just take an old sweater (must be 100% wool) and throw it in the wash in hot water and put it in the dryer.  I am sure many of you may have done this accidentally before, I know I have in my younger years. Now I am constantly scrounging in second hand stores for old sweaters with cool patterns to do this to.  For these, I put the pocket on the front.

Valentine Holder3

Then used the same blanket stitch, stuffed them with batting and sealed them up.

Valentine Holder5

The last one is a little cupid arrow made from scraps of felt and BBQ skewers.  Cut your top and bottom pieces at the same time and don’t forget to cut slits in the tail so it looks more like a feather.  Then I just used hot glue to sandwich the skewer in between the two pieces of felt.

Valentine Holder5

Tie a love note to it  with baker’s twine and it’s ready to go.

Valentine Holder6

I think creating a quick and easy Valentine holder is just a little way to make your love notes feel even more special.  Have a great love day!!

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