Danielle Daniel Girls

I finally had a chance to finish up my Danielle Daniel girls I had started while at Sugar & Spice in Port Townsend, WA.  I struggled with the class because it was my first time doing faces so I only managed to get three of them done (which I had done a post about here).  I still had three backgrounds left from the class that I vowed to finish so that I would be forced to keep working on my faces, haha.  I find Danielle’s girls are just so interesting and the colouring in their faces is great.

Danielle Daniel Girls

Although I still have a long way to go, I was much more relaxed about the whole process this time and really enjoyed myself.

Danielle Daniel Girls2

I even tried a different expression with this one.

Danielle Daniel Girls3

I then took all six of my girls and bound them up together with a couple of pieces of water colour paper and decorated it with washi tape.  Danielle had given us a little piece of canvas with her “true stories matter here” so I added that as well.

Danielle Daniel Girls4

I just created a tab that I stuck to the back of one of the girls with washi tape.

Danielle Daniel Girls7

I put a brad in so I had somewhere to attach my baker’s twine then wrapped it around the entire bundle.

Danielle Daniel Girls6

Now I have them all together as a keepsake and a little reminder that being taken out of your comfort zone is a good thing as it is an opportunity to grow.  I am heading to Danielle’s retreat in September which looks amazing if anyone wants to join me, it should be great fun!!

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