Misted Mini Album with Kelly Purkey

As I said previously, Crop & Create Ottawa was amazing!! Here is Catherine (speaking) the organizer with her ladies, Jen (director of customer happiness), the designers, Kelly Goree, Kelly Purkey & Vicki Boutin.

 One of the reasons it was so great was because I got to take a misted mini album class with Kelly Purkey.  She is the cutest thing and super talented to boot.  Here she is, getting us started in the classroom. Showing us the cover of what our albums should look like.

Here is my album and it is not exactly as we were shown, but it never is with me :)

Kelly was so friendly and easy to talk to.  Here she is helping a fellow student out.

The album was 5X5 and was created using a pad of 6X6 Studio Callico paper which we cut down.  The left over bits we used as flags and embellishments.  What a great way to use up scraps and have them all co-ordinate.

All of the misting was done with Mister Hueys and the colours were so dark and saturated, it was fantastic.

We used letter thickers, wood butterflies and stickers as masks.  The wood butterflies were great for this because you could just flip them over and use the wood side when you were done.

I am a huge fan of orange so I was pretty happy with all of the colours used for this album and not to mention the stamps.

I have to admit, I had never really used much of Studio Callico’s stuff before but after this mini album class I am in love.

The back cover, which was chipboard sprayed with Mister Hueys over an awesome Studio Callico stencil which I adore and must get my hands on.

This is Kelly and I near the end of the night and event.  Funny how I look pretty haggard from all the painting and crafting all weekend and she still looks fresh as a daisy, haha!  These gals are pros.

Up next, or in a few days, my technique class with Vicki Boutin.  Stay tuned…


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  1. Lauren says:

    I love the mister effect! I may just have to get one. I am teaching 2 classes in November and I have a sale. I lov looking at your work it inspires me to keep going on mine. I love that we do this and are doing this together. You must let me know of some classes I could come out and take them, or we could meet in the middle. I have a hard time finding classes.


    • Renee | peaberry designs says:

      That would be amazing!! I will keep an eye out for something. We should teach an on-line class together:)

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