A Creative Soul in Truro, NS

I have been doing a bit of travelling with work lately and every time I find out where I am going I always try to get a bit of an inside scoop as to where I should go while I am there. I know there is always TripAdvisor and websites that have the most touristy places to visit but those are not the places that I am particularly interested in. Being a creative soul I like to try and find local gems and since I don’t usually have a ton of time to explore, it would be nice to get some leads. Well, I never seem to be able to find this information so I decided that it might be fun to start sharing my finds. So, these are a few things a creative soul in Truro, NS found.

Since I am a maritimer, the first thing I had to do once I stepped off the plane and got in my rental at the Halifax airport was find some fried clams. So off I went to Murphy’s Fish & Chips which is in Truro’s little downtown area. Don’t let the fact that they are in a strip mall or lack of adequate website deter you. The clams and fish were delicious and there were quite a few other things I would have loved to have tried on the menu.

Once I filled my belly I needed to find a decent cup of coffee to roam the streets with.  I didn’t have to look far as right across the street was Jimolly’s Bakery & Cafe. I wish I had of taken a photo inside as not only was the latte pretty good, the decor was great.  Rustic and comfortable, just what you want in a coffee shop. They also had some yummy looking soup and sandwiches.

Just a few steps up the road I saw Alderberry Village which had a bunch of hand crafted stuff inside which is right up my alley. I had seen a set of some gorgeous little white milk glass vases that I didn’t purchase but regretted not doing so when I was in my hotel later.  I was worried I wouldn’t be able to get there before I got on my plane to leave so I called to check their store hours and they offered to keep the shop open until I could get there. Talk about customer service!!

Then I stopped in at Pearl & Daisy Natural Soap Company. These guys had natural artisan soap and bath products that are inspired by the beauty and the history of coastal living. The girl that was working was the sweetest and made sure I checked out Beck & Boosh which was a block over. I picked up the most adorable gem looking soaps for the girls while I was there.

So, off I went to Beck & Boosh (but not before stopping at a fabric shop on the way, but unfortunately I can’t remember the name of it).

They had the cutest stuff and awesome displays. This was one they did for their vintage collection. All three of the owners were there and I stayed and chatted forever as it was a bit of a mutual admiration society with us complimenting each others outfits and jewelry. I, of course, had to buy something and took their business card so I could later order stuff for my bridesmaid’s gifts and my wedding jewellry.

My trip to Nova Scotia even inspired this little piece in my art journal of a lighthouse and the provincial flower which is the Mayflower of course.

I was not expecting much in Truro but was pleasantly surprised at how charming it was.

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