Collage Obsession Challenge – Tulips

Time for this week’s Collage Obsession Challenge – Tulips.  I thought it was quite appropriate since it is Canadian Tulip Festival time here in Ottawa.  They have deemed Elgin Street “Blooming Boulevard” and have put beautiful tulips all down the street.

  They look stunning!

I have taken these tulips as my further inspiration and made mine purple.

I made my tulips a little more modern however.

With a lot of texture and layers (as usual).

Hopefully I am able to get out and enjoy some of the festival, it is supposed to be gorgeous!!!!!

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5 Responses
  1. Kaelea says:

    I love this!!!

  2. Lizbeth says:

    What a fabulous colour those tulips are! What you have created from this inspiration is truly wonderful.

  3. Renee | peaberry designs says:

    Aww, thanks gals!!!

  4. Arnoldo L. Romero says:

    Beautiful! I love the softness of your piece. Blessings!

  5. Eila A. says:

    Wonderful tulips – both in the photos and in your collage! I love the way you have turned the purple tulips into a modern version in your beautiful artwork. The tulip festival sounds like a great idea! Renee, thank you for participating in the challenge!

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