Collage Challenge

So this very cool artist over on Itkupilli has a few blogs and one of them is Collage Obsession.  She puts out a weekly challenge for everyone and anyone in any medium you wish.  So this week, in honour of St. Paddy’s Day, the collage challenge was simply green.  So, this is what I came up with.

I entitled it “Sometimes we all need help to fly”.  With the lighting it is hard to see but all of the background papers have different tones of green in them.  This was fun, I think I shall try this collage challenge again :)

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6 Responses
  1. Eila A. says:

    Hey, this is a stunning and original piece! I love the way you have used all those various papers and materials – really a work of art!

  2. Kaylene says:

    Wonderful work, it is a very interesting card.

  3. *itKuPiLLi* says:

    hih, I´m here a little bit blushing. Thank you for your flattering words. And I just love your work, I love the steampunkish feeling. Very nicely done. And thank you for participating. :)

  4. Sherry P says:

    This is beautiful! Love your work!

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