Circular Felt Mobile

Hi there, I have been preparing for one of my best friend’s baby shower all this week.  She is having a boy so it is all about the blues and chocolate browns for her.  I am in charge of decorations so I thought I might share one of the projects I did.  I want to make as much of the stuff as I can myself.  On top of not being able to find everything I need, it is so much more heartfelt that way and I am hoping some will be used in the nursery.

I am a huge lover of felt.  Why?  Not sure, probably because of the texture.  Me and texture.  Must be my tactile nature.  Anyway, I digress.  Felt, yes, I wanted to make her a mobile out of it.  Even the “ribbon” is made from it.  I cut the circles using my Sizzix Cuttlebug (which I don’t think you can buy anymore, btw).  I was concerned it might not cut through but it even cut two layers for some of the thinner sheets.  Here it is all pinned up and ready to go.

Circular Felt Mobile

I picked out some leather looking buttons to add to the bottoms from my vintage stash.  They look pretty boyish don’t you think?

Circular Felt Mobile1

I hand stitched them all down the centre.  Then tied the three ends together in a knot.

Circular Felt Mobile2

I then pulled out a vintage wooden embroidery hoop with a beautiful aged look to it (that I had been saving for a special project) and mounted the three pieces to it.

Circular Felt Mobile3

Had to take it for a test run to make sure it hung evenly.

Circular Felt Mobile4

Hopefully it makes it into the little guy’s room.  Maybe above his change table or something.   The rest of the projects I shall keep to myself until after the shower in case Mama reads this :)

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5 Responses
  1. Brittany says:

    Renee – you and texture were meant for each other. This is fabulous!!

  2. Lisamarie says:

    And she sews too… tellement magnifique!!

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