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A Creative Soul in Iqaluit, Nunavut

Well, I finally made it to Iqaluit. I spent quite a bit of time up north in Yellowknife but had never made it over to Iqaluit but always wanted to. It was for barely 24 hours but at least I got there. It had been so long since I had flown Canadian North, it felt like I was going home. Definitely much better then regular airlines, they served warm chocolate chip cookies.

Check out this crazy looking airport. When I stepped out of the airport I was surprised by how frontier it felt.

This is the main road with the only stop sign. There was a bit of a “traffic jam” at the end of the work day for Iqaluit standards.

All of the residential buildings were on the top of rocky hills overlooking the town.

This is a stone carving just outside of the Legislative Assembly.

If I had of had more time I would have loved to find another creative soul in Iqlauit, like a local carver or Kamik maker to see a home studio with them in action but all I could get to was the local Carvings Nunavut store.

They had some gorgeous pieces including some prints and Amautis.

They even had a food truck (they are taking over the culinary world after all).

It was still pretty chilly for June (I was cursing myself for not bringing mitts) but I had to take a stroll along the beach. The ice was still breaking up and it was quite breathtaking.

There was a giant chain all piled up in the sand that was a tad puzzling and looked like a cool sculpture.

There were some old boats parked up on the sand that had seen better days but I was mesmerized and desperate to climb into one.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance too and that was probably a good thing as getting arrested for breaking and entering on a work trip would not have gone over well I am sure.

This trip inspired a quick little sketch of a boat with the Nunavut flag to the left in my water colour journal.

I am hoping one day I will get back there to spend some more time exploring but in the meantime, it felt good to step foot on Northern soil again.

A Creative Soul in Truro, NS

I have been doing a bit of travelling with work lately and every time I find out where I am going I always try to get a bit of an inside scoop as to where I should go while I am there. I know there is always TripAdvisor and websites that have the most touristy places to visit but those are not the places that I am particularly interested in. Being a creative soul I like to try and find local gems and since I don’t usually have a ton of time to explore, it would be nice to get some leads. Well, I never seem to be able to find this information so I decided that it might be fun to start sharing my finds. So, these are a few things a creative soul in Truro, NS found.

Since I am a maritimer, the first thing I had to do once I stepped off the plane and got in my rental at the Halifax airport was find some fried clams. So off I went to Murphy’s Fish & Chips which is in Truro’s little downtown area. Don’t let the fact that they are in a strip mall or lack of adequate website deter you. The clams and fish were delicious and there were quite a few other things I would have loved to have tried on the menu.

Once I filled my belly I needed to find a decent cup of coffee to roam the streets with.  I didn’t have to look far as right across the street was Jimolly’s Bakery & Cafe. I wish I had of taken a photo inside as not only was the latte pretty good, the decor was great.  Rustic and comfortable, just what you want in a coffee shop. They also had some yummy looking soup and sandwiches.

Just a few steps up the road I saw Alderberry Village which had a bunch of hand crafted stuff inside which is right up my alley. I had seen a set of some gorgeous little white milk glass vases that I didn’t purchase but regretted not doing so when I was in my hotel later.  I was worried I wouldn’t be able to get there before I got on my plane to leave so I called to check their store hours and they offered to keep the shop open until I could get there. Talk about customer service!!

Then I stopped in at Pearl & Daisy Natural Soap Company. These guys had natural artisan soap and bath products that are inspired by the beauty and the history of coastal living. The girl that was working was the sweetest and made sure I checked out Beck & Boosh which was a block over. I picked up the most adorable gem looking soaps for the girls while I was there.

So, off I went to Beck & Boosh (but not before stopping at a fabric shop on the way, but unfortunately I can’t remember the name of it).

They had the cutest stuff and awesome displays. This was one they did for their vintage collection. All three of the owners were there and I stayed and chatted forever as it was a bit of a mutual admiration society with us complimenting each others outfits and jewelry. I, of course, had to buy something and took their business card so I could later order stuff for my bridesmaid’s gifts and my wedding jewellry.

My trip to Nova Scotia even inspired this little piece in my art journal of a lighthouse and the provincial flower which is the Mayflower of course.

I was not expecting much in Truro but was pleasantly surprised at how charming it was.

Holiday trip to Vermont

Thanks to my amazing in-laws Chris and I were able to get back to Vermont between Christmas and New Years.  We try to do this every year for our anniversary and I just wanted to share a couple pics so you can see why we love it so much.  I didn’t get very many pics this time as I wanted to just be in the moment.

We picked up coffee and hit the road.


 These are not relevant to the trip but I had them shipped to Ogdensburg from Modcloth and picked them up en route.  Aren’t they adorable???  Distracted by shoes again.


 We always try out a new place every time we stay in Stowe and this time we stayed at The Gables Inn.  We got the last room which was quite small (so small in fact that I was joking that if one of us fell off of the bed we would hit the wall, haha), but the staff and breakfast were amazing.  You know it is good when the locals come to eat before they start their day.


 Here is a view of the mountain right outside our Inn.  Since there wasn’t much snow, we decided to take snowboarding off the table on this trip and just tour around.


 One of the many roadside barns.


 Gorgeous covered bridge we saw on the way to Parker Pie.


 One of the guys that work at our favourite bar, The Matterhorn (where we got to see Harvey Keitel play pool with his family btw), told us we needed to take a trip to Parker Pie.  One of the best pizzas in all of Vermont.  We drove almost an hour to go there for lunch but found out upon arrival that they are closed on Mondays in the winter and it was literally in the middle of nowhere so there was no other place to eat.


The drive was beautiful though and we had no where we had to be (we were on vacation) so we drove another hour to the next town.

We saw this place along the way and I so wanted it to be open but it looked like it hadn’t been in business for a while and still had tons of awesome stuff in it.  What a shame.


 Of course there were many, many churches but I LOVED the clock on this one.


 We were headed for the Three Penny Taproom in Montpelier (another place we were told we had to visit) and the drive was definitely worth it.  We had some AMAZING sandwiches, the bartender was great and the beer menu was entirely craft beer.


It was dark by the time we got out of there.


I of course had to stop into my girlfriend Mary’s shop Vintage Inspired Lifestyle Marketplace in Burlington.  I could probably fill a transport trailer with stuff I want from that place.  So beautifully curated and Mary is pretty talented so you can see her personal touches everywhere.


 Mary took us for appetizers and drinks (to discuss a possible retreat together) at her son’s amazing restaurant Hen of the Wood.  It is THE place in town and luckily we had connections cause we would have never gotten in.  Food was delicious, atmosphere was nice (we were sitting by the fire) and of course, good beer.  They even had stuff from some Quebec breweries.  They change their menu every day so I got to take one home.


  We were so busy running around on this trip that we didn’t get a chance to stop at my favourite artisan store in Stowe so I just snapped a picture on our way out of town.


 Well, this was meant to be a quick post while my sick little one napped but it didn’t turn out that way sorry.  I do love Vermont.  Can you imagine if I would have had more pictures????  I also just realized that this post should have probably been entitled beer tastings of Vermont instead.


Eric Nadeau Exposition – Montcalm Gallery

Chris and I happened to be at Gatineau City Hall the other day which turned out to be surprisingly nice inside.  Lots of windows in a cathedral, six story high, inside courtyard type of thing.  If that makes any sense, haha.  While we were there we came across the Montcalm Gallery.  I had heard of it but never knew where it was and I, of course, had to go in.  We were quite pleased we did because we were introduced to the Eric Nadeau Exposition – Machine Memories and Work Stories.

“In work, in human labour, in our daily tasks, narratives are born, intersect, and are woven into the fabric of our collective memory.   The artist’s creations are variations on a single theme: the work stories that reveal and unite us.”

Here he made an automatic weapon out of an old typewriter and if you notice the typewriter on the right the keys were replaced with bullets.

Eric Nadeau Exposition

There were quite a few of these characters in the exhibit made with old Singer Sewing machines, all with their own personality.  There was quite a contrast between the sweetness of these two and some of the weapons he had created.

Eric Nadeau Exposition2

This piece was a deconstructed umbrella.  I wish I had of written down the names of all the pieces.

Eric Nadeau Exposition3

More guns made from typewriters.  (Sorry about the photo quality, since it was an impromptu visit I only had my phone)

Eric Nadeau Exposition4

Made from the top of an old wooden spool.  Would love to have this piece in my home.

Eric Nadeau Exposition5

These little guys were made from steel toe boots.

Eric Nadeau Exposition6

She was my favourite.  Not sure if it is because it was my favourite colour or if it is because I have the identical one (still in sewing machine form) that I inherited from my grandmother.

Eric Nadeau Exposition7

If you are in the area, (Hull, near the Museum of Civilization) it is definitely worth a quick stop in.  I will also be keeping my eyes peeled for their next exhibit.

Nuit Blanche Ottawa + Gatineau

It’s almost time for Nuit Blanche here in the capital region.

Nuit Blanche1

Nuit Blanche Ottawa+Gatineau is a 1 night per year, dusk-until-dawn celebration of multidisciplinary Art and local culture that takes place across multiple venues and within the cityscape of Ottawa and Gatineau. Nuit Blanche showcases the creativity and cohesion of the local community and the success of its industries. Approximately 160 artists took part in the inaugural event, and it was attended by approximately 30 000 smiling people on September 22nd, 2012, between 6pm and 4am.

It is a platform for recognizing the region within the national and international arts and festival scene, and it fosters the region as a cultural destination while generating revenue for local businesses.  You can head to the their website and get an idea of what is happening and a map here.

The 2014 theme is BYPASS.  The Oxford Dictionary says that the noun bypass is ‘A road passing … its centre to provide an alternative route for through traffic…[and] A secondary channel, pipe, or connection to allow a flow when the main one is closed or blocked.

I was asked by the City of Gatineau to do an art installation on this little ole tree that will be in the centre of a few activities (including a fashion show) happening the night of Nuit Blanche.

Nuit Blanche2

My installation is all about getting out of the rat race, bypassing the highly technological road we are currently on and heading back to the past.  It is important to remind everyone and make the younger generation aware of how things used to be.  Time for everyone to return to the past lane, stop to smell the roses of yesteryear and remember the simplicity of things.  The kids, students and friends of Studio & Boutique Peaberry will assist in creating images of classic forms of entertainment and toys before the world of cell phones and tablets.  We will then be embellishing everything, including the tree with the crafts of the past such as embroidery and crochet.

Nuit Blanche

I invite you all to come down to the Boutique and be a part of the installation by embroidering together one of these pieces to be hung from the tree.

I also wanted to let you know about the Nocturnal Bazarre that will be happening the night of the festival on Laval Street in Old Hull.

Nuit Blanche3

There will be street performers and artisans all along the street from 7pm to 11pm.  Come find me and a few other vendors such as







and many more!!!

The Studio Cafe

I finally got to check out The Studio Cafe in Hintonburg and I just wanted to share this amazing space.  Open, bright and welcoming at the same time.

The Studio Cafe

I grabbed a delicious latte and got to sit and read my Somerset Studios magazine.

The Studio Cafe2

They change out artists every few months and currently on exhibition is Laura Inksetter with her Flora & Fauna series.  They are gorgeous, btw.  The colours are amazing!

The Studio Cafe3

I even took a little peek at the classroom in the back where they have all of their classes.  Nice big space with high ceilings.

The Studio Cafe4

They have a Tea Party coming up where you get to paint and make a fascinator, you should head over and check it out!!

Tea Party

Texture Hunting

 I hope everyone had a great, long, Easter weekend.  I got two days off in a row, for the first time in a while and got to get out of Dodge and visit some family.  It was great.  One of the things we always like to do when the family gets together is all go for a walk.  This time we got to tour an old family farm property that I was a little more than excited to visit.  The property has an old abandoned home and huge old barn on it.  I had my camera ready as I wanted to do some texture hunting through all of the old wood and machinery.

Here is the old house that once upon a time housed two families and has sat empty for almost 50 years.

Texture Hunting

  The little addition.

Texture Hunting2

The front door.  I sooooo wanted to go in and have a look around.  Unfortunately the owner (Uncle Jim) was sick in bed and the place is always locked up.

Texture Hunting3

Check out the detail on the hinges.  They just don’t make things like they used to.

Texture Hunting4

The entire place was put together with these handmade nails, incredible.

Texture Hunting5

Old latch on the barn (of which I forgot to take a shot of the entire thing, ugh!!).

Texture Hunting6

Look at the amazing texture and colour on this door.

Texture Hunting7

Milah inside the barn.

Texture Hunting8

More metal work.

Texture Hunting9

The girls climbed up into the loft.  Love the colour of the old roof.

Texture Hunting14

This metal piece looked older then the rest.

Texture Hunting10

The old truck in the barn.

Texture Hunting11

You can see a bit of the old stone foundation of the barn here behind Miss Millie blowing her Easter bubbles.

Texture Hunting12

Such a fun afternoon and I just had to share some of the pics with you.  Thinking it would be an amazing spot for a photo shoot, hrm…  Can’t wait to go back!!

Peaberry Tour Part Deux

A bit of a delay between part 1 and 2.  I had a bit of an issue this past week with my back.  I have never really had back issues before but let me tell you, I now have even more sympathy for those that do.  Worst thing ever.  I couldn’t even get up to go pee by myself, haha.  For a pretty independent woman, this was a little unbearable.  Consequently the store was closed for a few days.  Talk about terrible timing.  Anyway, I digress, I am back at the store and wanted to share some more of my artisans so here is the Peaberry tour part deux.

The first is Bijoux Hélène Grondin who is just starting out her jewelry business but her pieces are quality timeless pieces.

Peaberry Tour12

Lots of comfy knit pieces.  Hats and felted mitts by Tricots Lidia, boot cuffs (which I love) and hand dyed wool by Tink and infinity scarfs by Handmade by Andrea.

Peaberry Tour13

Beautiful buttons, mugs and other pottery goodies by Sheppard Handmade.

Peaberry Tour14

From funky to wedding pieces, Krysthle Designs does it all.

Peaberry Tour16

Some vintage pieces.

  Peaberry Tour16

More gorgeous prints this time by Lissa Rachelle and Danielle Daniel.  Danielle also has cute lockets and has had a book published called “Sometimes I feel like a Fox” which is also available in French.  So talented!!

Peaberry Tour17

Chalk boards and stars made with reclaimed barn boards by the talented Holmes Reclaimed.

Peaberry Tour18

Unique upcycled vintage silverware made into bracelets and rings by Country Rune.  Painting by moi, which are all 25% off this month for my Christmas special btw.

Peaberry Tour20

Hair pieces and jewelry by 2 Filles Du Nord and map pendants by Indie Go Designs.  So many great things for me to drool over every day.

Peaberry Tour22

I am sure I missed a few but I have some banners to sew.

One final thing, there are a couple spots still available for the Christmas ornaments workshop on Tuesday from 6pm to 8pm.  You get to choose three to make out of a few different options.

Peaberry Tour21

Have an amazing week everyone!!

Peaberry Tour Part 1

 Now for a little Peaberry Tour for those who wanted to see pics and are too far to pop by :)

Here is my sign.  According to the condo board I was supposed to do it in just gold and black like the rest of the businesses in the building but I was a bit of rebel and added white.

Peaberry Tour

My front entrance.

Peaberry Tour 2 My amazing counter that my friend Gord did.  He is in the entirely wrong profession and should be making furniture for a living.  The countertop is made with reclaimed oak from an old warehouse.  I cried when he brought it in as he has been hoarding that wood to make things like his sons crib with it.

Peaberry Tour3

The cutie owls by Chouette par Monique that have been selling like hot cakes.

Peaberry Tour4

A few vintage items and burlap pillows made by moi.

Peaberry Tour5

Adorable felt brooches by Mika Art.

Peaberry Tour6

Near the front window, soy candles in recycled wine and beer bottles by The Treehouse and some tidy totes by My Stow-n-Tow.

Peaberry Tour7

More vintage items and handmade cards.

Peaberry Tour8

Beautiful necklaces by Salvage Jewelry Co. that I have been lusting over.

Peaberry Tour9

Lovely aprons by Sins Creations who is in the process of making me some purses.

Peaberry Tour10

Gorgeous prints by Andrea of Poppet Art StudioJoyelle Brandt Creations, Ginger of Red Pear Creative and Kathleen Endicott.

Peaberry Tour11

So many great artists.  I shall leave you with that for today and finish off soon!!

Big News prompting a Brockville Roadtrip

After days of running around, making phone calls, doing research and having meetings, I am beyond thrilled to tell you that I have been accepted into a provincial entrepreneurship program and I will be opening my very own brick and mortar store in our little town of Aylmer.  It will be a vintage and upcycled place for local and Canadian artists to share their wares with the world on a daily basis and not just twice a year at the Savoir Faire.  I will be open before Christmas.  WOOO!!

So much to do and things to buy.  First thing, Brockville roadtrip to find some gorgeous furniture and fixtures for the store.  After everyone was dropped off at their respective places for the day I cranked some tunes and hit the road.  It was a beautiful sunny day, I was rocking out to Modest Mouse and was so excited about the prospect of finding some really cool things.  I then had this huge wave of gratitude wash over me and I couldn’t stop crying, haha.  Anyone driving by must of thought I was a tad crazy.  I just had this immense gratitude in my heart for this opportunity, my man for consistently and unwaveringly supporting my dreams and my friends for helping out in any way they can.  I am truly a lucky gal.

Anyway, when I got to Brockville I ended up parking right under this sign.  Thrift store? Don’t mind if I do.  Unfortunately, no goodies were found.

Brockville Roadtrip

Then I walked down to the first reason for my visit, The Collector’s Cove just off of King Street on St. Andrew.  As soon as I pulled up I knew the drive had been worth it.

Brockville Roadtrip2

Check out all of the antique goodness and the owners were super great and helpful.

Brockville Roadtrip3

So many great pieces of furniture and lighting.

Brockville Roadtrip4

They even had these cool painted antlers.

Brockville Roadtrip5

This is what the back of the van looked like when I left and there was another old record cabinet to the right, JACKPOT!!  I will definitely be heading back there again soon as they were planning a buying trip around Ontario in the near future.

Brockville Roadtrip15

Next a little stroll by the water because that is a must when you are there.

Brockville Roadtrip6

Then a stop at the Tait’s Bakery for a soup and sandwich to recharge the batteries.  I also couldn’t resist a loaf of the potato bread to take home (which is to die for, btw).  Isn’t their old cash register amazing?

Brockville Roadtrip7

Another pit stop at Seaway Treasures on my way to the other main reason for my visit…

Brockville Roadtrip8

Connie Stage Right.  Her facebook page doesn’t come close to doing the shop justice.

Brockville Roadtrip9

So many adorable vignettes everywhere.

Brockville Roadtrip10

The sweet side of Halloween.

Brockville Roadtrip11

Then the darker and stylish side of Halloween.

Brockville Roadtrip12

So many things to look at and I wanted to take it all home.

Brockville Roadtrip13

Connie has awesome taste and was so great helping me decide my priorities since I obviously couldn’t take everything, but I really wanted to.

Brockville Roadtrip14

These are a few of the things I brought home.

Brockville Roadtrip16

Brockville certainly has a lot of that small town charm, I really need to go there more often.

Stay tuned for more deets on the store!!