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Scrappy Sunday

It’s Scrappy Sunday time again!

This week I have continued on with Ava’s book and have done a layout of the two proud grandma’s holding their new granddaughter for the first time.  I tried to keep it fairly simple, but added a bit of bling with the glass and rhinestone baubles.

a close-up of the accessories…

A girl has got to have some bling.  The second one is of her first Christmas – she was so tiny…

and a close-up of the gorgeous flower…

Almost this entire layout was done with Webster’s Pages products.  Their products lend themselves well to little girl pages.  SOOO cute!!  As this scrapbook is only 8X8 I have been able to do a couple layouts at a time.  Not sure if I will be able to keep that up for the 12X12 ones.  Hopefully though, at this rate I shall be caught up in no time, haha.

Hopefully this inspires you to get cracking!  Have a great Monday tomorrow!

Introducing Scrappy Sundays!!

Welcome to my first Scrappy Sundays project!

So, I have three daughters for whom I am trying to document their lives through scrapbooks, just so they know how much they are loved and appreciated. However, I have been falling behind with this. So in order to keep myself on task, I am going to institute Scrappy Sundays which will force me to get at least one layout done a week that I will then post here on my blog.  This will hold me accountable and hopefully inspire you as well.  These are my firsts…

Scrappy Sundays - Childrens Layout

Scrappy Sundays - Childrens Layout

Scrappy Sundays - Childrens Layout


I have actually done a couple but they are 8X8 size pages.  It is a baby scrapbook I am doing for my step-daughter.  Unfortunately I did not know her as a baby.  I am hoping through her book I will get to see her personality developing and all the things I missed. 

Goodbye Fall

Wow, where has the time gone?  Christmas is but days away.  Here is a glimpse of my Fall in pictures.
My little muffin at the park…

I went back home to NB to spend some time with my ailing grandmother, my lovely Mimi.  I took the girls to Daly’s Point…

Here are the apple trees I use to love to climb at my grandmothers house…
I felt so adventurous being so high up in those trees hiding from the rest of the world (or more likely my brothers) As I looked at them, all kinds of childhood memories came back from when I would spend the weekends with my grandmother.  She used to get up at the crack of dawn, bake fresh bread and make me this huge spread for breakfast (fit for a queen), including freshly squeezed orange juice.  Being the strong, hard working lady she was, her clothes were always hung out to dry, no matter what the weather…
This is the first of a series of clothes line pieces I am doing in honour of my Mimi.

Back from the Cottage

Back from a week on beautiful Anstruther Lake.  It took a couple days for little Millie to adjust but the big girls were quickly swimming and fishing away.  A week of fresh air and sun was greatly needed and appreciated by all…

Milah very proud of the bass she caught…
Ava with gramma and grandpa’s new puppy…
a still morning before chaos ensues…
Amelia and I enjoying some fresh air.
All this and I even managed to get a mushroom mobile done that I was dying to do…

Easter in Peterborough!


Check out our little crouton (she was upgraded from a crumb as she is now over 10 pounds!!!) with her bunny slippers. Adorable!

I know I am a little behind with this post but with a newborn in the house things are a little hectic. We travelled to Peterborough for the Easter weekend to visit grandma and grandpa Baal. Boy am I grateful to have such amazing in-laws. Just wanted to post a couple pics of the girls with their Easter treats, which they found at the end of their treasure hunt put on by the Easter Bunny himself.


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Back From The Dead

Hello all, I am back. Things got a little busy with the pregnancy which ended in an early c-section but check out my prize.  Isn’t she the cutest thing ever??  She came in at 6 pounds 1 ounce and three weeks early.  We got a bit of a scare with her but all is well now.  Time to get the nursery finished.  Posts of nursery goodies to follow soon!!

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Trick or Treat

Check out the girl’s Halloween costumes.  Milah was a dead basket-ball player and Ava a spider witch.  Aren’t they adorable!!!!

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My Halloween Costume

A friend suggested I paint my belly yellow and have planets hanging off me so I could be my own solar system but I decided to forgo the humiliation and just make myself a mask so it looked like I at least made an attempt.

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Boat Adventure

   So, a couple week-ends ago was our first adventure out on the boat. Chris (my man) decided to take us out to this little island in the middle of the Ottawa River thinking the girls might enjoy an adventure. Once there, we discovered one lone lighthouse and a plethora of Canadian Geese. The girls began exploring and we followed suit until Chris came across a huge and highly agitated goose. So Chris, having had previous experience with angry geese, picked up a stick in preparation to defend his family. The stick had no effect and the goose started chasing him up a hill.  As I stood there laughing and mildly frightened, I thoroughly regretted not having brought my camera. Once we reached the top of the hill we realized why the goose was so angry, there were a few egg-filled nests scattered around. As we looked around the island we noticed there were at least 8-10 nests with females sitting on them glaring at us with the males hovering around ready to pounce. Needless to say, we didn’t stay for very long. We managed to escape unscathed and the girls were quite thrilled with the experience. I considered it a success as it inspired me to finish my painting and it gave me a visual of Chris that will not soon be forgotten, haha.