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Tia’s Bridal Shower – Mixed Media Mandela

This summer I had the pleasure of having Tia’s Bridal Shower out at our little farm.

Her girls brought yummy food and treats.

I provided the space and art project.

It was great because everyone just jumped right in.

Tia kept stopping to take pictures with everyone (that is her in the middle).

They were doing some serious concentrating here.

Loving all the texture on this piece.

More smiles for the camera.

Even mom and her aunties got into it and appeared to be enjoying themselves.

Some of the yummy looking treats!

With her maid of honour Cassandra.

Here they all are with the piece at the end of the day. I was so grateful for the gorgeous weather.

Once they were all done I outlined it to make it a little more cohesive, added a few finishing touches and screwed it all together.

I love the way it turned out and my girls were really sad to see it go.  Hopefully Tia enjoys the piece and all the lovely messages on the back for years to come!

Art Show – Assemblage of My Life

I am packing up the van with some girlfriends, art supplies and heading to Burlington, Vermont for the South End Art Hop and my 40th birthday weekend!!  I will be teaching and will have an art show happening at Vintage Inspired Lifestyle Marketplace (my favourite place).  Here are the deets about the show:

She was a Delight (honouring my mimi)

She was a Delight (honouring my mimi)


Human beings have been altering objects for centuries.  In early cultures, ritual objects and objects of adornment were embellished with natural items such as feathers, bones and shells.  The objects were transformed from their natural state (altered, if you will) by the hands of humans.  Assemblage, or altered art, has increased in popularity in recent years but its roots are found in something far older.  It is the essence of this art form that we take something old, and perhaps useless, and create from it something new and beautiful.

With the specter of turning 40 looming, I have engaged in a lot of introspection.  I felt it was time to honour my ˋassemblageˊ of memories and thought that this was the perfect art form with which to do so.  This collection is all about the different parts of my past and each sculptural canvas represents an event, person, specific time, or a state of mind in my life.  All done in the spirit of re-using and creating new meaning with pieces that already come with their own stories. Come and share in the bits and bobs of my amazing journey thus far!!

Here are the deets about the class:

Assemblage Workshop


With Renée Savoie

 Saturday, September 12th 1pm – 4pm

Cost: $50


Vintage Inspired Lifestyle Marketplace

180 Flynn Avenue

Burlington, VT


Assemblage is the process of making three-dimensional artistic compositions by putting together found objects.  This class is open to all levels and you will be encouraged to combine new and creative techniques to incorporate mixed media, found objects, sewing notions, vintage toys and family snapshots with glue and ingenuity to make an evocative assemblage.  This is a great way to bring new life and create new meanings by recombining old objects in a fresh new way.

Supplies are included but this is a great excuse to scour Vintage Lifestyle Marketplace to find goodies to incorporate into your pieces.  Feel free to bring photos and trinkets from home but please note that if you plan to use family photographs or other personal papers, you should make copies in advance and bring them with you to class.

Call or email Vintage Inspired to register

If anyone is interested in coming with, there are a few spots available in the van and hotel.  We would leave Thursday night and come back on Sunday afternoon.  Let me know asap if you want in on the fun.  We are all chipping in on the gas and rooms.  The South End Art Hop is always a blast as there so many activities happening all weekend like a fashion show, art installations and music.  The south end is also home to many antique stores and shops!

Bridal Shower – Park Mixed Media

A few weeks ago I had the great fortune of getting to teach at another bridal shower.  There were 15 guests and it was hosted by the maid of honour Laurie.  Laurie gave me a bit of information about the couple and one of the things that came up a few times was a nearby park so I took that idea and ran with it.  I layered down some vintage paper then started with my signature blue background.  This time I used my new Liquitex acrylic spray paint with a stencil.  So much easier then using my spray inks as I didn’t have to cover it with a sealant before continuing with other layers.

Park Mixed Media

 An outline of the park scene for the guests to follow.

Park Mixed Media2

 Here is the lovely Krissie who made this all possible as she recommended me from having been at another shower I taught at.

Park Mixed Media3

 Krissie also seems to be a bit of a baker, check out the adorable cupcake display she put on.  Such a great idea!

Park Mixed Media4

 The maid of honour and bride to be, Amy, working intently.

Park Mixed Media5

 Amy’s masterpiece, she even went and gathered rocks outside.  A girl after my own heart.

Park Mixed Media6

 Some of her guests getting into the groove.

Park Mixed Media7

 Coming together :)

Park Mixed Media8

  Gorgeous paint all squeezed out and ready to be used.

Park Mixed Media10

 Here is the park mixed media piece once the guests were done with it.

Park Mixed Media11

 I then took it home, outlined it all, added a bit of stamping and finishing touches.

Park Mixed Media12

 I always try and add a few inspiring touches into the paintings as well.

Park Mixed Media13

I delivered the piece tonight and I hope the happy couple enjoys it as much as her guests enjoyed making it.

Abstract with Andrea

It sort of all came together at the last minute, but last night I got to do some abstract with Andrea Warren.  She is the local Golden Paints rep who has been doing some pretty cool classes for a very long time and I have been dying to meet her for years.  She had a two day class entitled “Big is Beautiful” that I really wanted to attend but the second day (which was today) was the day of one of my bestie’s baby shower.  I thought I might push my luck and ask to just attend the Friday night (you don’t know till you try right?)  To my luck, Andrea was more than accommodating and allowed me to come, YEY!!

Look at the yummy assortment of fluid acrylics that greeted us on the table when we got in.  I couldn’t wait to play!!

Abstract with Andrea

Here is Andrea instructing.  Sorry about the face Andrea, if I would have noticed right away I would have taken another, haha.

Abstract with Andrea1

She had plastic sheets all over the floors for our canvases and encouraged us to get as messy as we liked.  We got to play with Tar Gel (she added black to it) and Self Leveling Gel first.

Abstract with Andrea2

Here is one of the pieces with the Self Levelling Gel which we could mix with whatever colour we wanted.  She even had iridescents :)

Abstract with Andrea3

Another piece with the Self Leveling and the Tar Gel.

Abstract with Andrea4

I am pretty open to most creative things but am not usually an abstract kind of gal so I brought a mixed media piece I had done years ago for my office (which I no longer need or like much).  It was very cathartic covering it up with both gels.  I am in love with that cooper colour.

Abstract with Andrea5

Once we were done those we got to play to play with Fiber Paste and Molding Paste.  Look at all the thick goodness that Kathleen is playing with.  Everyone got to prepare backgrounds they were going to paint over the next day.

Abstract with Andrea6

I started this Triptych adding turquoise to my Molding Paste and made flower bases with the Fiber Paste.

Abstract with Andrea7

First layer so far.  I am digging the orange, the others, not so much.  It is only the beginning though.

Abstract with Andrea8

I am excited to experiment with this at home as the Fiber Paste becomes absorbent and paper like when it dries so you can even use water colour over it.  Should be interesting, stay tuned!!

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Inner Goddess to the Great Mustache Migration

I had the absolute pleasure of teaching some mixed media techniques in my Inner Goddess class to a couple of gals at the Vintage Inspired Lifestyle Marketplace last weekend while I was in Vermont.

Here I am being a total dork getting my photo taken next to the chalkboard with my name on it.

Inner Goddess Class11

I finally remembered to get a photo of Mary (owner of Vintage Inspired) and I.  I love that gal, wish we lived in the same town.  Check out all the goodies behind us.

Inner Goddess Class12

This was my view looking up from my perch at the end of the table in the classroom area.  So cool, I would love to move in and call this building my home.

Inner Goddess Class

Both of the ladies were so warm and creative.  I had a great day with them.  Here is one of the girls, Julie, working on her colorful background.

Inner Goddess Class1

Here is the beginnings of her gorgeous piece.  My favourite quote from Julie of the day was “I had been looking for something more in my life, I think I may have found it”.

Inner Goddess Class2

Here is LeeAnn working diligently on her piece which she is planning on giving to a friend as a gift.  What a special way to show someone you care.  My favourite quote from her was “It just makes me SO happy”.  Unfortunately, my photo of her canvas didn’t turn out :(

Inner Goddess Class3

Both of the ladies were mixed media virgins so it was pretty exciting watching them discover how much fun it is.

Inner Goddess Class4

Here is the canvas I was using to show examples of different techniques.  It was going to be a goddess but all the drip marks looked like stems to me so I flipped it around and made flowers with my pastels.  This is what it looked like before I left Vermont.

Inner Goddess Class5

When I got home and had time to finish up my piece, mustaches were calling to me for some reason and I just went with it.  I used a white Shiva Artist Paintstik to tone down the background.

Inner Goddess Class6

A butterfly and some circles topped with black ink and some rub-ons.

Inner Goddess Class7

My flowers needed more texture so I used Maya Road Kraft Layerable Flowers , blue pastel and pink gelatos for the centers.

Inner Goddess Class8

 Here is the Great Mustache Migration finished.  Or so I think.  I may end up tweaking some things over the next few days.

Inner Goddess Class10

It is a far cry from the girl she was going to be, haha.  I do believe you must go with what  is calling to you though.  Things always seem to turn out so much better that way don’t you think?

BeYOUtiful Souls Art Retreats

I have news!!  As some of you may know, my word of the year for 2013 is CHANGE.  Little did I know when I chose this word how much change my life would actually go through this year and it is barely June.    By the end of the month, I will be laid off from my job that I have been at for 6 years.  This is a very scary prospect for me as I have pretty much always worked.  I started working at the age of 15 I believe (if you don’t count the paper route I had at the age of 12).  But, in my usual “let’s make lemonade from lemons” mentality, I am going to take this opportunity to jump into my art and creative business with both feet…


Besides being creative my whole life, another constant has been my love of being a hostess.  I am constantly throwing birthday parties for the girls, hosting Easter or Christmas dinner and volunteering to help out with showers.  I love to show people a good time and to make them feel welcome in my home.  So, I thought it was about time I combined the two.  This is something that has been calling to me for quite some time but I guess I have been too afraid to leap.

In comes my dear and fellow artist friend Lauren of Layered Creations.  We have been friends for many years and have been on a parallel path to making our dream come true of being full time creatives.  We sometimes creep each other out we are so similar.  We even bought each other the same pjs for Christmas one year and we live clear across the country.  But I digress, we were chatting on facebook one day and both kind of blurted out that we really wanted to start hosting retreats.  We chatted for hours over the next few days, then BeYOUtiful Souls was born.  We are both beyond excited that we are doing this, her out West and myself in the East.  I will be heading out to Red Deer in October to teach at her first retreat and hopefully she will be coming to Aylmer in March of 2014 to teach at my first retreat. Maison Bruyere2

I am hoping to offer retreats in March, June and October of every year and I have found an amazing and serene venue which is just minutes from my home.  The Maison Bruyere has so much beauty and history that when I walked through it for the first time and laid eyes on the grounds, I knew I had found the place.

Maison Bruyere5

This old convent has a sense of calmness about it and I can really picture people rejuvenating their heARTs and souls there.  The old furniture is beautiful and there is even an old theatre.  You know me and all things old, I have totally fallen in love with this place.

Maison Bruyere4

I hope one day that you can join one of us on our new adventure to show you an amazing artsy time that is all about you.  To help you forget about the day to day tasks and worries and focus on yourself for an entire weekend.  You need to remember that YOU are WORTH it.  We all do!!

Workshops at the Savoir Faire

Hi there, The Savoir Faire is quickly approaching.  It is this Sunday, June 2 from 10:30 to 4:30 at the Aydelu Centre in Aylmer, Quebec.  There will be over 35 talented vendors with gorgeous jewellry, funky clothing and yummy treats.  I also wanted to fill you in on some workshops that are going on. 

 The first workshop will be given by Krysthle Poitras of Krysthle Designs.

Bracelet Workshop

RHINESTONE BRACELET AND CHARM-  10:30am to 12:00pm at a cost of $35.00

This is a beginner jewelry workshop where you will learn the techniques to make a beautiful 24K gold-plated bangle with charm.  In this workshop, you will learn how-to use rhinestone chain to create beautiful bangles and how to use crystal clay to create crystal encrusted charms.  All materials are included and tools will be provided for the workshop.  (Please note that the finished project might differ slightly from picture).


The next two will be taught by yours truly, ME!!

Art Journal3

ART/WORD JOURNAL – 12:30pm to 2:00pm at a cost of $35.00.

We all have a story to tell.  Whether it is through the written word, art or a combination of both, one must have a beautiful book to contain all of this brilliance.  We will be turning a vintage book into a journal and work of art.  Everything will be supplied.  If you have an image that you feel represents yourself, please bring it.

Savoir Faire

VINTAGE DOILY 12X12 CANVAS – 2:30pm to 4:00pm at a cost of $35.00.

Come join me in making a wonderful textured creation using vintage plastic doilies and all kinds of mixed media goodies.  We will be slapping sludge, modeling paste and paint onto to a 12×12 canvas for you to take home and display with pride.  Come lose yourself for a couple hours.  Everything will be supplied.

 You can head to the website to sign up under the Workshops tab.  Hope to see you there!!

Birthday Workshop – Community Mixed Media

Last weekend I had the pleasure of teaching at Marie-Pierre’s (MP) 30th birthday party.  She was very involved in the planning of the piece which I LOVED.  That way I knew she was going to get something she liked.  Sometimes it is hard trying to decide on a piece when you don’t know a person very well.  I could tell that her relationships were important to her so I did a community mixed media piece.

Here is everyone jumping right in.

Community Mixed Media

 I was pretty excited and surprised to find out that half of the guests were guys.  That has never happened.  I am lucky if there is one male and he is usually a brother or a spouse who has been forced into it, haha.  Not with this crowd.  This was a very creative crew who didn’t need to be coerced at all.

Community Mixed Media5

So very focused and precise, awesome!!

Community Mixed Media6

The guest of honour…

Community Mixed Media8

and her piece.

Community Mixed Media9

MP and her sisters.  They were all so sweet and supportive of each other, it was adorable.  (Made me wish I had a sister :)

Community Mixed Media3

Here is Sean (Mr. Ravenswing himself), hard at work, or play I should say.

Community Mixed Media7

He was the first one done.  Here is his gorgeous piece.

Community Mixed Media10

Everyone was so thoughtful in creating their canvases.  Here is another quote on Bruno’s (MP’s spouse) piece.

Community Mixed Media15

The photogenic couple.

Community Mixed Media1

Here is what it looked like on their couch before I took it home for the finishing touches.

Community Mixed Media4

Here is what it looks like now after I outlined everything and tied it all together.

Community Mixed Media11

It is so great because you can see the personalities behind each one.  The bottom is the birthday girl’s and the top is her sister Christine’s crazy haired girl.

Community Mixed Media13

The bottom right corner of this one is Alice in Wonderland themed.  All of the people have roots for feet to represent MP establishing roots as an adult.

Community Mixed Media14

Such a great bunch, they were staying and continuing the party with some drinks, yummy food and karaoke.  So fun!!

Art Journal Workshop

Hello all!!

As I write this I am sitting in our resort at Disney in sunny Florida.  Why may you ask am I sitting in our room?  The unpredictable issues that arise when travelling with kids :)  One has been throwing up all morning and another has lice which I just discovered.  TMI perhaps?  Thought some of you could commiserate.  Consequently, we are taking a day off of running around the theme parks and taking care of our girls.  Hopefully the sickness is just something she ate and is not going to share it with the rest of us.  The girls are embarrased, disappointed and many other emotions I am sure.  I feel so bad for both of them.  Hopefully all will be better by tomorrow (and nothing gets passed onto the baby) and we can pick up where we left off.

In the meantime, I thought I would take a moment for myself and share a few photos from the Art Journal Workshop I taught last weekend.  Here are some of the students hard at work.

I taught in the beautiful studio of St. Elmos Fire in Stittsville.

The lovely and talented owner, Christina.

Here is some of her awesome art work.

I wanted to buy almost every one of them.

My friend Steph who came to my class.  I am so grateful for having a friend who shares my love of art and creating.

Some of Christina’s students who came to my class.  All so sweet and talented.

So focused, haha!

Karen, who also teaches calligraphy at the studio.

Aren’t these letters amazing!!!

I am looking forward to being back on Sunday to teach an Art Journal layout or canvas (for those who aren’t into art journals).

Don’t forget to take time to create and replenish you soul!!

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Mixed Media Bridal Shower

I have been wanting to share a bridal shower I did a few months ago and I had promised the guests I would so they could see the finished product but, I had misplaced the memory card that the photos were on.  However, I just found it, YEY!!!

It all started when I met the nicest couple during Italian Week at the Preston Street Mercato this past summer.  They were both the kind of people that being in their presence makes your day brighter.  They were so sweet about my art and thought my party/showers were a great idea.  They took my business card and I didn’t really think anything more of it.  A couple months later I received an e-mail from Ann, a maid of honour saying her bride insisted I come teach at her bridal shower.  I was flattered and excited, although I wasn’t sure who the bride was.  After getting all of the details about the colours and general theme of the wedding, this is the invitation I made for all the guests.

The bride had seen my post on a previous bridal shower I had done and wanted the same sort of piece.  So, off I went to prepare the backgrounds for 35 pieces.  Yes, 35, it was huge.  I was excited to see how it would all come together though.

Once Cassandra (the bride) arrived at the shower, I instantly remembered her and was truly honoured she had wanted me to be a part of such a big day (I know, I am a sap, haha).  Here she is wearing the special vintage apron as the guest of honour.

With all of her bridal party (they were also the hostesses for the shower), holding the prepared canvases and ready to paint.

Everyone is hard at work.  They all just dove in and were so great it made my job easy. One of the birds in progress.More of the girls getting their art on in their Peaberry™ aprons.

The mother of the bride with her two pieces.  She made an extra one for grandma since she couldn’t make it.

Once everyone was done I took it home to outline everything in black and put some finishing touches to bring it all together.

Check out all of the depth and texture each piece has.  I always insist each guest sign the back of their masterpiece and write a little note to make each it even more personal.

Here are the two birds which represent the couple, Cassandra and Matt.  I made sure to bring some red papers and such as I heard that was Matt’s favourite colour (We must include the groom some how).  Ann also had me write a special quote on it before I delivered it to the bride and groom (as a surprise).

I hope they are as happy as I am with the way it turned out.  My favourite part of the day was when a few people who were a little sceptical about the whole thing were surprised by how much they enjoyed themselves.  Some had never done anything like this before and just wanted to keep creating.  Hopefully I have opened a little something in them that they will continue to nurture.  Makes my heart happy :)