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DIY Valentine Holders

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner I thought I would give you different ways to deliver your love notes by showing you some DIY Valentine Holders.  All of which are made with felt of course (you know me and my love of felt).  Felt is so easy to recycle, work with and it doesn’t fray.

The first ones I made are little pockets cut out in animal shapes.  I cut the top and bottom at the same time so they were exactly the same size.  I then sewed all of the little hearts and  buttons on the front piece before putting them together.

Valentine Holder

I then sewed on the back piece with some floss and a simple blanket stitch.  I left the top part open to make a pocket.

Valentine Holder2

Stick a chocolate and a love note in it and it’s ready for the munchkin in your life.  BTW, there are so many free Valentine printables available online but Miss Tina`s are some of the cutest and the ones I used.

Valentine Holder3

The next are just little heart pillows.  I used some recycled fabric and felt I made from old sweaters.  Just take an old sweater (must be 100% wool) and throw it in the wash in hot water and put it in the dryer.  I am sure many of you may have done this accidentally before, I know I have in my younger years. Now I am constantly scrounging in second hand stores for old sweaters with cool patterns to do this to.  For these, I put the pocket on the front.

Valentine Holder3

Then used the same blanket stitch, stuffed them with batting and sealed them up.

Valentine Holder5

The last one is a little cupid arrow made from scraps of felt and BBQ skewers.  Cut your top and bottom pieces at the same time and don’t forget to cut slits in the tail so it looks more like a feather.  Then I just used hot glue to sandwich the skewer in between the two pieces of felt.

Valentine Holder5

Tie a love note to it  with baker’s twine and it’s ready to go.

Valentine Holder6

I think creating a quick and easy Valentine holder is just a little way to make your love notes feel even more special.  Have a great love day!!

Crafty Chicks Valentine “Bee Mine”

Crafty ChicksWelcome to the Crafty Chicks Valentine Blog Hop!  I have just become part of the Crafty Chicks group and I am pretty exciting.   They are a group of creative gals who met on the web and decided to come together and share our passion for paper crafting with you.  Each month there is a different theme and this month it is Valentines.  If you are coming from Scrappin’ Madge’s blog, welcome!

I thought I would make some wee Valentine’s Day cards for my project.  I decided to use a Webster’s Pages gorgeous postcard set for the base of my cards.  Actually, all of the paper products for this project are from WP.

Crafty Chicks Valentine

I just took the postcards and folded them in half.  From front to back, they are so pretty.

Crafty Chicks Valentine3

I used a cheapy bee stamp I got at Micheals with black ink on patterned paper and punched it out with a 1 3/4 inch circle punch.

Crafty Chicks Valentine2

I then cut a small strip from the same paper and inked the word mine on it.  Both were applied with pop-up dots to a different patterned card stock (which I rounded the corners and inked first).

Crafty Chicks Valentine5

I also tied a little baker’s twine before attaching it to the cards.

Crafty Chicks Valentine4

I kept the inside simple, with just a little “For You” and the date.  So there is lots of room to write some sweetness.  I will have a few sets of these available in the boutique.

Crafty Chicks Valentine6

I also quickly whipped up a normal card to give you an idea of what else you could do with the same idea.

Crafty Chicks Valentine7

I am pleased to tell you our sponsor this month is me!!  You will get two packs of the lovely Valentine’s cards I just created and a package of vintage papers and ephemera.

Crafty Chicks Valentine8

To be eligible to win our fabulous prize you need to leave a comment on each one of our blogs and indicate you have done so in the Rafflecopter below.  You will also need to visit my shop under “In the Studio” and tell us what workshop fellow crafty chick Krysthle Poitras will be teaching in the store in January.  You can leave the answer below.  You have until January 15th to enter.  Good luck!

A Rafflecopter Giveaway

This is a full circle hop and I am the last, so to start from the beginning head to Krysthles blog.

Kids Valentine’s Cards

I was asked by Milah’s art teacher to come in and be a guest teacher.  In that Valentine’s Day is coming up I thought it would be a good idea to do cards with them.  I tried to keep it simple and gave them the option of only two cards.  Here is my sample of the most popular one.

I got the template from Skip To My Lou.  I didn’t add a lollipop to mine though.  Just cut out a large circle with a punch for the head.  I also couldn’t find all red brads for the wing mechanism.  The only thing I could find were red brads with letters on them so I bought red glitter glue and had the kids cover them up.  I also had them cut out plain red circles (using the white piece as a template) then had all kinds of self adhesive glitter hearts for them to add a little bit of shine.  Of course some of the kids took the sample and ran with it, as kids do.  I thoroughly enjoyed watching the more daring ones come up with things like making the wings flap with a pipe cleaner contraption.  That boy was definite engineer material.  Here are some of the kids in action.

Milah going against the grain and doing her own thing entirely.

Zoe with her cute smile.

Kaitlyn really not wanting to get her picture taken.

Here are a few finished Valentine’s Cards…

Leila added antenna with some black card stock.

I had a great time and hopefully didn’t embarrass my daughter too much, haha!!

Travel Themed Wedding Invitation

Happy New Year all!!   I have so many new things on the horizon for my artsy self.  I am soon back to work as my maternity leave is almost over.  Sort of unbelievable how quickly the time has gone.  Anyway, I will definitely need a creative outlet and as such have a few things planned to keep myself balanced.  In the meantime, my friend Rachel’s invitations have all been mailed out so I can now share them with you :)  They got married in Jamaica and are having a small reception here in town so she asked me to make her invitations and wanted them to look like airline tickets… TAA DAA!!

Travel Themed Wedding Invitation - Image 1
Travel Themed Wedding Invitation - Image 2
Travel Themed Wedding Invitation - Image 3
I love all the yummy colours of the card stock. The front was a bit plain so I added a strip of the inner pattern on the outside, along with a vintage stamp in brown ink. If you are interested in my template to make the boarding pass just leave me a comment or send me an e-mail and I shall get it off to you.
*UPDATE* Check out their travel themed wedding here.

New Cards for Christmas Fairs

I know it has been some time, especially since I vowed to post more often, but I have a good excuse I promise…I am PREGNANT!!! So, now that the nausea and falling down fatigue has finally let up a bit I can finally get back to my creative self. Just in time too as the Christmas craft shows are about to get into full swing. I definately need to get cracking but here are a few cards I have been working on.