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More Man Mixed Media

So, I have a fair coming up this Sunday which I am pretty excited about.  It is my first year attending.  It is Sandy Hill’s One & Only Arts & Crafts Fair which is at the Sandy Hill Community Centre from 10am to 4pm.  Should be a lot of fun and there is a free buffet.  Free food, how can you go wrong?

Due to this fair, I thought I should whip up some little darlings for people to purchase and give to loved ones over the holidays (without breaking the bank).  I have been feeling pretty inspired this week so whip up, I did!!  Here are some butterfly cuties.

Here are some houses I was inspired to do from my Quebec City post.

Creating the manly piece last week made me realize that I don’t have very many masculine paintings, so it inspired me to create more man mixed media pieces.  I thought, guys like to fish right?  Why not give them something cooler and much more esthetically pleasing than a stuffed fish to hang on the wall…

I think I might do more of those, I had a blast making them.

The last piece I am going to share is a fun little one.  First, I wanted to remind you all that mixed media does not have to be expensive and really lends itself well to reusing/recycling.  I wanted to create a tree with texture so I took some shredded red paper and just applied it with a generous amount of medium.  The paper obviously isn’t the right colour.

So I just painted over it.  I also used left over brown bits of paper to create the trunk.

I then had some pink trim which wasn’t the right colour.

I just painted over it as well and grunged it up a little with a brown Faber Castell Pitt Pen.

Now, the final piece.   I like the contradiction of the stuffy looking business man taking flight courtesy of his umbrella and he really seems to be enjoying it, going with the flow.

I hope you all have an amazing weekend planned.  Not only do I have a fair, I get to hike in the Gatineau Park and check out a new coffee shop I have been wanting to see.  All with my girlfriends, to celebrate a birthday, YEY!!

WORKSHOPS – The Art & Crafts Savoir Faire

Hi there, I just wanted to let you know about an awesome art & crafts fair that is going on this month in my little town of Aylmer.  The fair is being put on by yours truly and my friend Brittany.  We are just minutes away from the Nation’s Capital across the Champlain Bridge.  It is The Art & Crafts Savoir Faire and is being held from 10:30 to 4:30 on November 25, 2012.  There will be around 40 amazing vendors from all over the region.  The website is being updated daily with information on each and every one of them.

I will also be teaching a couple workshops while the fair is going on in an adjoining room.  The first one will be a mixed media canvas called “No Vacancy”

This is a small canvas but I will be teaching you the basics of a mixed media background painting before adding all of the texture to it with buttons, felt, leather and paper.

The second one I am doing is a mixed media ornament workshop which is more kid friendly but also totally open to adults.  Just thought it might be nice for parents to get a break and do some Christmas shopping.  They will have a choice between two ornaments.  The first is a paper mache bird which will be turned into this (or hopefully something like it, haha)…

 The second option is a mini globe.  The sample is a bit bigger then what they will work with and I did keep it fairly simple but I am bringing some bling for those who want more.

The back where more embellishments can be added.

The third workshop will be taught by Joanne Berube of Cafabrik, which is a new art & craft related store that has opened recently here in Aylmer.  You have no idea how excited I am to have a local store like this just minutes from my house :)  Love it, although my bank account probably doesn’t.  She will be teaching a Christmas card and gift bag with tons of techniques.

Check out all of the texture.

The workshops are an hour and a half but will be packed with lots of great techniques.  You can head to the Workshop page on the site to sign-up/pay.  Hope you can come out and join us to have some fun and maybe get some Christmas shopping done.

Curious Craft Show – Part Deux

Hope everyone had a great hump day.  Now for the second half of my overview of the Curious Craft Show.  This huge stack of hugable toys was Liv. Well Toys.

All kinds of great kids toys with so many cool retro fabrics, check out this colourful rhino.

This is Saara from Sapling\\Seedling and her books and journals.  Such an understated elegance to her stuff, love it.  Makes me happy knowing she is around creating new and repairing old books, especially in this age of technology and e-readers.  I suspect books will soon be added to the endangered species list.

Here is Dan of Versa Tile with his great smile and gorgeous coasters, magnets and mosaics.

Kym of Bombshell Revival had the funkiest clothing and accessories.  Everything she had was so much fun (her blog is pretty inspiring as well).

Check out this amazing witch’s hat.  I think I might just have to acquire it for my Halloween costume.

Now for Winged Beast Outfitters.  Here is Stirling amidst his sea of originality.  Finally, stuff I know my nephews will love.  From his robot toques to his whale riding dinosaur tees and dresses, there is something for every member of the family to lust after.

Last but not least we have the lovely Lisa of Bloom Artisan who is launching an online boutique soon selling all local and handmade wares.  Although you can’t really see her, she is the one in the grey hat behind the table filled with textured goodness.

Such awesome knitted necklaces, owls, hats and even these little baby slippers.  So adorable.

I would say a pretty succesful first show.  I didn’t even get to show you all the vendors.  I am pretty excited though as some of these talented vendors will be making an appearance at our fair The Art & Crafts Savoir Faire in November, YEY!!!

Curious Craft Show – Part One

I was in the Curious Craft Show & Swap on the weekend and had a great time.  It was so hard to know where to stop with my pictures, there were so many and I didn’t even get to all the vendors.  So, I am doing this in two posts.

The fair wasn’t super busy as the weather was terrible but the energy was great and the quality of the vendors was amazing.  Well done ladies!

The organizers were great and full of positivity.  The first was Michelle of My Jacket Pocket.

Second was Fiona of idi Designs.  I didn’t actually manage to get a picture of her as she was busy running around but here are some of her awesome wired headbands.

I had the best neighbours on both sides which I was super happy about as the day can be pretty long if you are sitting next to duds, haha.  On my left were the lovely ladies from My Stow n Tow.  These hard working stay at home moms kept me smiling (and fed) throughout the day.  I loved the fabrics they had and I couldn’t resist buying a cover for my phone.

My neighbour to the right was Annabel from Magneties.  I really wanted to pick something up for my hun but couldn’t decide.  Luckily we will both be at The One & Only Craft Fair in Sandy Hill in November so I can get one then.  YEY!!

I was pretty excited to see the adorable Kelly of Kokobaru there with her adorable friends.  I also found out she is expecting, wooo!!  So happy for her.

Her lucky little munchkin is going to have tons of fun things to play with.

Check out Eliza’s (from Indie Go) beautiful accessories.

I totally love the moustache pendants which would be perfect for Movember.  The “Keep Calm” stuff is so in right now.

So, that is enough for tonight but the review of the Curious Craft show is TBC…  In the meantime, have a good night and I shall be back tomorrow!!!!

Curious Collective

Hi peeps!!  Just wanted to remind you about the Curious Collective going on tomorrow at the Jack Purcell Community Centre, 320 Jack Purcell Lane (behind the Starbucks on Elgin).

I am pretty excited to see which vendors are participating.  I shall be there.  Here are a few small pieces I have done for the show.

A friend had asked me for some owl pieces.  Voila!!

Come on out and support local artists/crafters and start some of your Christmas shopping early.  Don’t forget to bring any old craft/art supplies you are no longer using so you can participate in the swap and pick up some new supplies you might actually use.

Sunday Journal – Clothesline Mixed Media

Crop & Create

What an action packed great weekend!!!  This might be a long one so you might want to grab a drink or something :).  I was at Crop & Create this weekend.  It was such a treat as events like that never come to Ottawa and I never have such long selfish uninterrupted time to myself to be creative.  We were pretty spoiled with goody bags, prizes all weekend, dessert buffets and even the tables had these beautiful sunflowers on them.

There were free make & takes all weekend long.  A couple were done by Jen from The Scrapbox (who also had a mini store set up in the crop room, dangerous).  Here is a pic of a few of them.  Christmas was definitely in the air with these little goodies.

I took some awesome classes (more on those this week), got a lot done and I had a great group of ladies at my table.  We even had adorable Sonia who came all the way from Washington, can you believe it?  We bonded over our mutual love of owls.  Love her glasses :)

To honour my grandma after she passed and to help with closure I had decided a while back to do a clothesline mixed media series.  She was one of those women who worked hard day and night and one of things I remembered about her is she would always hang her clothes out on the line.  Instead of using her dryer, she would step out on her back deck all year round and hang up her clothes to dry.  She told me she liked the smell.  I decided that was what I was going to work on this weekend in-between classes.  Mission accomplished as I finished all the canvases I had brought.

I will be selling these at the Curious Collective on Sunday October 14th, 2012, Jack Purcell Community Centre, Ottawa, from 11am to 4pm.  Along with others of course.

I used glass bead medium with one of my vintage plastic doilies on some of them.  Check out the awesome texture.  Once it dried, I rubbed a bit of brown paint over it.

Clothesline Mixed Media Art Journal

I saved the best for last, my art journal layout.  Which was the original purpose of this post, haha.  As I plan to sell the canvases (part of the letting go), I wanted to keep a little something for myself.  So, I thought the best way to do this was to make a similiar clothesline mixed media piece in my art journal so I would always have it.  Here it is with the tab on the right side which has a picture of her, held on with washi tape.  I started with a teal acrylic paint (my go-to sky colour) let it dry, then covered it with a 12 x 12 stencil over which I sprayed an iridescent mint green.

Here it is with the tab flipped over.  I added a fork, knife and spoon on this side as she was a great cook.  Her apple pie was my favourite and she would always try to make it for me when I would come to town for a visit.

My title is “Mimi” which is what all the grandkids and great grandkids called her.  Of which, she had many.  The letters we received in our goody bags and were from American Crafts.

Another awesome freebie that I added to the page was the darling little bird that was given to all of us from Stephanie over at My Little Bit of Whimsy.  LOVE it!!!

Now all I have left to do is write a little someting about my memories of her and I will have a keepsake forever.

Rooster Art Show and Winner

So last night was the Vernissage for my Rooster Art Show.  I had a blast.  I had postcards done up for us to keep at the restuarant in case anyone wanted our info.

My friend Brittany also had a collection there.

Check her out with all her adoring fans, haha.

One of her beautiful pieces…

Chris in front of our wall of art.

It was nice to have some of my peeps there.  Cheers Angie!!!

Collage of my work.

Such a great night and our art is there for a month!!!!

ps.  The winner of my vintage doily give away is…

“Stephanie July 18, 2012 at 2:01 pm Très joli!! I will try my best to go.”

I will get that off to you soon.


Art Show, Vernissage & Give Away!!

Just dropped my “Not Your Gramma’s Doily Collection” paintings off at the Rooster, 303 Bank Street, Ottawa.  The owner is big on supporting local artists so my friend Brittany and I are having an Art Show there for a month, along with a couple other artists.  We will be having a vernissage next Tuesday night, July 24, 2012 from 7pm to 10pm.

For all of the paintings I used vintage doilies as stencils.  I have been collecting them from e-bay.  They are hard to find and have sold from my Etsy shop almost faster then I can post them.  I have kept a few for myself and have decided to share the wealth and do a giveaway in honour of my first show.  I will choose a random person from all comments left on this post between now and the showing next Tuesday.

Here is a sample of one of the pieces that will be there.  It is called “C’est Joli”.

All of the background papers are Paris related and the dress has a beautiful vintage rhinestone button at the waist.  Something I could see myself wearing strolling around the streets of Paris.  This girl is voluptuous, just like me, haha.

Come join us for a drink, there is nothing better than a bar full of friends.

Il Mercato – Preston Street Marketplace

What a windy weekend!!!  Our first weekend at the Il Mercato – Preston Street Marketplace was super busy.  Unfortunately, people weren’t buying, haha.  I think  we just need to be patient though :)   I believe this will grow to be a great thing.  We had some awesome vendors.  The first day I had a great neighbour, Shebamakeda Glass Art.  Her stylish nephew even went and got me lunch.  Best neighbours ever.

Check out her gorgeous hand sculpted glass beads.  I over heard an elderly lady call them seductive, hehe, pretty cute.

Alyssa was there with her strut worthy jewelry.

There was a sister team at the Bedazzled Boxes booth.

Loved the sea worthy paintings they had.

On the second day, my lovely neighbour, who’s face will remain faceless (she didn’t want her picture taken), was Busy Girl Design.  She had super cool headbands and hair pieces.

They all had funky vintage finds on them.

Check out those feathers :)

There was also an adorable husband and wife team, Preston and Agata.  Their pieces were veddy cool.  You can check out some of their art at

Hope to see you all this Saturday!!!!


Italian Week

It’s Italian Week in Ottawa and I am super excited to check out all the yummy food and culture over the weekend.  Here is the schedule for the weekend in case you want to check it out.

It is also the kick-off weekend for the Preston Street Mercado, woooooo!!!!  It is from 10am to 5pm just off of Preston on Young Street.  It is right next the queensway bridge.  The market will be Saturday and Sunday.  I have a few new pieces.  Here is a sneak peak..

I love mushrooms, so cute!!!  Check out the dancing peeps…

I also did these two birdie pieces.

Hope to see you there!!