Bridal Shower – Park Mixed Media

A few weeks ago I had the great fortune of getting to teach at another bridal shower.  There were 15 guests and it was hosted by the maid of honour Laurie.  Laurie gave me a bit of information about the couple and one of the things that came up a few times was a nearby park so I took that idea and ran with it.  I layered down some vintage paper then started with my signature blue background.  This time I used my new Liquitex acrylic spray paint with a stencil.  So much easier then using my spray inks as I didn’t have to cover it with a sealant before continuing with other layers.

Park Mixed Media

 An outline of the park scene for the guests to follow.

Park Mixed Media2

 Here is the lovely Krissie who made this all possible as she recommended me from having been at another shower I taught at.

Park Mixed Media3

 Krissie also seems to be a bit of a baker, check out the adorable cupcake display she put on.  Such a great idea!

Park Mixed Media4

 The maid of honour and bride to be, Amy, working intently.

Park Mixed Media5

 Amy’s masterpiece, she even went and gathered rocks outside.  A girl after my own heart.

Park Mixed Media6

 Some of her guests getting into the groove.

Park Mixed Media7

 Coming together :)

Park Mixed Media8

  Gorgeous paint all squeezed out and ready to be used.

Park Mixed Media10

 Here is the park mixed media piece once the guests were done with it.

Park Mixed Media11

 I then took it home, outlined it all, added a bit of stamping and finishing touches.

Park Mixed Media12

 I always try and add a few inspiring touches into the paintings as well.

Park Mixed Media13

I delivered the piece tonight and I hope the happy couple enjoys it as much as her guests enjoyed making it.

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