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I have news!!  As some of you may know, my word of the year for 2013 is CHANGE.  Little did I know when I chose this word how much change my life would actually go through this year and it is barely June.    By the end of the month, I will be laid off from my job that I have been at for 6 years.  This is a very scary prospect for me as I have pretty much always worked.  I started working at the age of 15 I believe (if you don’t count the paper route I had at the age of 12).  But, in my usual “let’s make lemonade from lemons” mentality, I am going to take this opportunity to jump into my art and creative business with both feet…


Besides being creative my whole life, another constant has been my love of being a hostess.  I am constantly throwing birthday parties for the girls, hosting Easter or Christmas dinner and volunteering to help out with showers.  I love to show people a good time and to make them feel welcome in my home.  So, I thought it was about time I combined the two.  This is something that has been calling to me for quite some time but I guess I have been too afraid to leap.

In comes my dear and fellow artist friend Lauren of Layered Creations.  We have been friends for many years and have been on a parallel path to making our dream come true of being full time creatives.  We sometimes creep each other out we are so similar.  We even bought each other the same pjs for Christmas one year and we live clear across the country.  But I digress, we were chatting on facebook one day and both kind of blurted out that we really wanted to start hosting retreats.  We chatted for hours over the next few days, then BeYOUtiful Souls was born.  We are both beyond excited that we are doing this, her out West and myself in the East.  I will be heading out to Red Deer in October to teach at her first retreat and hopefully she will be coming to Aylmer in March of 2014 to teach at my first retreat. Maison Bruyere2

I am hoping to offer retreats in March, June and October of every year and I have found an amazing and serene venue which is just minutes from my home.  The Maison Bruyere has so much beauty and history that when I walked through it for the first time and laid eyes on the grounds, I knew I had found the place.

Maison Bruyere5

This old convent has a sense of calmness about it and I can really picture people rejuvenating their heARTs and souls there.  The old furniture is beautiful and there is even an old theatre.  You know me and all things old, I have totally fallen in love with this place.

Maison Bruyere4

I hope one day that you can join one of us on our new adventure to show you an amazing artsy time that is all about you.  To help you forget about the day to day tasks and worries and focus on yourself for an entire weekend.  You need to remember that YOU are WORTH it.  We all do!!

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  1. Kristen says:

    You are amazing!!! So courageous and crafty!! Good luck with your new endevour I know it’s going to be a raging success!! Xoxo

  2. Suzanne McRae says:

    What a lovely post with so many changes for you Renée. I love it. BeYOUtiful Souls is a beautiful business name. It reminds me of my daughter’s online business name ‘beyoutifully’ :)

    I love the place that you have chosen to hold your retreats. It looks so beautiful. Congratulations on all these beautiful changes in your life.

  3. Deborah Thomas says:


  4. lisette Mcgrath says:

    Congrat Renee sweety ,I,m not surprise to see that you are doing something like this!You were always so creative ,never know someday anty Lisette could be present to one of those reteats!
    best of luck .and I got my eyes on you!lol xxxx and hugs

  5. Jenny D says:

    Ah, what a lovely vision! BeYOUtiful Souls WILL be incredible. You certainly have the background and chops to make this happen. All the best from a flyer friend.

  6. Ginger Deverell says:

    Congrats Renée! So excited for you. Will be keeping my eye on your retreat…. xo

  7. Phyllis Savoie says:

    I wish you luck with your new venture my dear, wishing you a lot of luck, I know you can do it . hugs Mom

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