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Girly Scrappy Sunday

This week’s layout is all about me, hence the “Girly Scrappy Sunday”  Webster’s Pages put out a challenge on their blog asking…

and of course, (besides having my girls) the answer is hands down…

There are so many amazing ones out there to choose from, not to mention accessories always fit :)  Here is the entire page.

Almost everything in the layout is from the Ladies & Gents collection at Webster’s Pages.  The beautiful cameos and hearts are ‘perfect accents’, love them!!

The black flower is a ‘princess petal’.  The pictures are of my favourite Tiffany braclet and a button ring I just bought at the New Art Festival today.  More on the festival soon.

What is your favourite thing about being a girl???

Burlap Coffee Bean Bags

I made an awesome discovery the other day.  Chris was heading to Princess Auto and I of course wanted to go along.  Why? you ask.  I know I am generalizing here but I am sure most women enjoy a trip to Princess Auto about as much as our men love shoe shopping.  I use to think that way, but no longer.  I am a huge snooper and discovered this strange corner of the store that has a few aisles of all kinds of different odds and ends.  Which have nothing to do with autos, or princesses for that matter.  Every time I snoop through that area I always come home with some kind of treasure.  This last time was the ultimate score as I found Guatemalan burlap coffee bean bags.  How random hey?  There were only 4 on the shelf which I snatched up immediately and proceeded to scour the store looking for an employee to find me more.  No such luck, that is all they had.  She even said I was lucky to get 4 as there were only 2 listed in the computer.

I love the earthy look of burlap and couldn’t wait to get some projects started with it.  The first thing I did was to recover this chair…



I also made some burlap canvases, which I used to make this small flowery mixed media piece.

I am also experimenting with making flowers out of it, which are turning out pretty cool.  I am sure those will be turning up very soon.  So what is the lesson of the day?  Don’t pass up the opportunity to explore a new store, you just never know what you will find.

Report on Ravenswing 2012

It is now time for my official report on Ravenswing 2012  – Amazing!!  I had such a great time.  Such cool vendors and customers alike.  The energy was so positive and the musicians were fantastic.  Although a little loud as my booth was so close to them :) I was in awe of all of the fantastic feed back I was getting.  I just want everyone to know that I truly appreciate every kind word of encouragement I was given.  I do my art because it makes me happy, also hoping it will make others happy or at least put a smile on their face.  I sold over half of my pieces,  which made me proud but also a little sad.  Pieces of my soul are now scattered across Ottawa, haha.  However, I know they are in good homes :)

I had such a hard time deciding on which vendors to take pictures of (with my camera phone btw), there were so many awesome ones.  I didn’t have much time as my friend Angela was holding the fort at my booth while I wandered to check things out.  So I shall mention but a few.  The first is Jeffrey Macklin from Jackson Creek Press.  I loved the look of his letterpress cards.

He is also a mixed media artist and from Peterborough (where my man is from), fancy that.

I was attracted to Gilda Kathleen’s booth because of how tranquil her display, pieces and personality seemed.

The next cutie was Tatiana at Russian Forest.  Her vintage tags, stationary and stickers were to die for as they were made from old maps.  I LOVE old maps.

The last is Morgan Cleopatra, who unfortunately does not have a website.  She makes amazing bracelets and I am totally kicking myself because there was a very cool one that I wanted and I didn’t go back to buy it.  Funny enough, she is also from Peterborough.  **UPDATE**  She now has a blog and you can find her here.

There were so many interesting things and luckily I didn’t have too much time as I would have spent tons of money.  The rest of the vendors links are on the Ravenswing website if you need to find someone.  I can’t wait for next year!!!

Ravenswing – Ottawa’s DIY Fair

Just a reminder about Ravenswing – Ottawa’s DIY Fair tomorrow.  It should be great fun. Come see Josef Pollock play in the afternoon.  His music is gentle and beautiful, a perfect compliment to the fair.  Take this opportunity to see him now and when you see him again at Bluesfest, you can say that you knew about him before everyone else.  There is also yoga in the park at noon.  It is Ottawa Race Weekend so here are the road closures to help you plan your route.

Now on to some art which will be for sale tomorrow, here is another hot air balloon piece I finished…

Aren’t the little chicks adorable??

One of Ravenswing’s things is that 60% of vendor’s wares must be under $20.  So, I will have a stash of paintings on for only $18.  Here are a couple that I created for the show that will be on special.

A little piece of Renee Savoie for only 18 beans?  That is a steal, haha.  Should be a great day, now if only the rain will hold off :)

Hot Air Balloon Mixed Media Piece

The challenge over on Collage Obsession this week is ‘Hot Air Balloons’.  I thought it was quite the coincidence since I had already planned a couple hot air balloon mixed media pieces for Ravenswing - The Ottawa Craft & Zine Fair (more on that tomorrow).  This is one the pieces I have finished…


I am loving the chair, which is a rub-on.  They are so awesome for adding detail and finishing touches to your pieces and they stick to most surfaces.  Just make sure you seal them in afterwards so they don’t get scratched off.

I shall post the other tomorrow as I just have to add some finishing touches.  I might also share a few other things I will be selling at the Fair.

Scrappy Sunday where have you been???

The last couple of Sundays have been action packed so Scrappy Sunday has gone by the wayside.  Until today.  I managed to get a layout done for the family album of our first trip to the Bio Dome in Montreal as a family.

I used Jen’s layout of the month (from the Scrapbox) for inspiration.

It is not very often all three girls are excited about the same thing, due to their ages, so this was quite the treat.

I decided to go with blues for this as I spotted the blue and white canvas flowers at Micheals in their Recollection section.

The felt buttons were from the same collection.  The rick rack ribbon is felt as well.  I just LOVE it, felt that is.  Not sure why, maybe the tactileness (that’s a word right?) of it.

I thought the blue craxy coil brads from Karen Foster Design were pretty cool too.  I had to add some of those as well.

I am off to bed, hope everyone is having a great long weekend!!

Collage Obsession Challenge – Tulips

Time for this week’s Collage Obsession Challenge – Tulips.  I thought it was quite appropriate since it is Canadian Tulip Festival time here in Ottawa.  They have deemed Elgin Street “Blooming Boulevard” and have put beautiful tulips all down the street.

  They look stunning!

I have taken these tulips as my further inspiration and made mine purple.

I made my tulips a little more modern however.

With a lot of texture and layers (as usual).

Hopefully I am able to get out and enjoy some of the festival, it is supposed to be gorgeous!!!!!

Collage Obsession Challenge Catch Up

Happy Thursday all, one more day till Friday, WOOO!  The challenge last week on the Collage Obesession blog was “doors”.  With the Women In Business Show I didn’t get a chance to finish my piece last week so today I am playing the Collage Obesession challenge catch up as this week’s challenge has already been posted (I have started working on that one as well).

I knew when I saw the picture of the door on her blog that I had the perfect piece waiting in my stash to create it.  I had picked up a religious two panelled piece connected by hinges at a second hand store months ago knowing I would find something to do with it.  Guess what?  I printed off the picture and it fit almost exactly.  I glued on an old button for the door handle.

Since the inside had two panels I started to think of opposite images that might be behind closed doors.  The first that came to mind was good vs evil and the struggle we all sometimes face with decisions.  The struggles we face in our minds, that no one sees, behind closed doors, shall we say?

So, then I was off searching for some cool retro images to represent “good” and “evil”.  If you have never heard of her, the Graphics Fairy is an amazing place to find free images.  She has pretty much anything you could think of.  This is how the inside turned out.

Aren’t the retro ladies adorable?  The rest of the quote…

Behind the closed doors of our minds,  we’ve all got both light and dark inside us.  It is so true, I think.  What matters is which we choose to act on. So, go be the light :)

Women In Business Show & Sale

Hello and HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all you moms out there.  Hope everyone had a great day.  Mine was fantastic, except I stepped on my blackberry in heals and the screen is toast.  Kind of feel like part of my arm has been chopped off.  I know, a tad dramatic, but I feel a little lost, haha.

I was in the Women in Business Show & Sale yesterday.  I had a great time and met some very fun people.  It was a little quieter then I had hoped but assume everyone was out enjoying the beautiful day.  My oldest daughter Milah came with me to keep me company which was nice.

Welcome to my new subscribers from the show by the way.  I took a couple of quick pictures of my booth.  Now that a I look at them, they are a little busy.  Maybe I need to rethink my set up :)

I just wanted to share a few other vendors that were there and that I loved.  The first was Kaelea at A Dash of Fab.  She was adorable and had the greatest purses.  She also had a mushroom wallet that was to die for.

Another was Lola Creations.  She had the coolest jewelry and all was so affordable.  Always so hard to not spend money at these events.

Milah and I had a yummy cupcake from Lori at Whyte Chocolate.  Look at her cute little guy.

The last vendor I wanted to mention is Shoebox Be Gone.  I just thought it was an amazing concept for all of us sole proprietors out there just starting out and not wanting to spend money on an accountant.  She has kits that help you sort out your financial stuff for taxes on your own.  Pretty great!

Now for the winner of the draw!!  The winner of an 8 person Peaberry Party is MELISSA NGUYEN.  Congrats Melissa!!!  I will be e-mailing you directly so we can sort out details of when and where.

Mixed Media Sunday!!

Hi there, I was the hostess for a Bridal Bunch Brunch today and the entertainment was of course, me, haha!  I decided to have the girls do a painting so I decided it was Mixed Media Sunday instead of Scrappy Sunday.

I had them all bring their favourite shoes.  They were all pretty intrigued, I am sure, and I was very curious to see what they chose.

I started off by taking pictures of the shoes.  While I converted the pictures to black and white and printed them off, I had them look through magazines to cut out words/pictures of things that described how they felt when they wore their shoes or why they were their favourites.

First let me show you the bride to be’s “shoe”.

Pretty adorable.  Which she then turned into this finished piece…

Next, the maid of honour.  These were her “shoes”.

I LOVE these boots, this is what she came up with…

Then, a bridesmaid.  Her favourite shoes, which are very similar to a pair I now own.

So very cool, If I do say so myself.  This is her little gem…

The last bridesmaid I am showing for today.  These were the shoes she chose.

Amazing,   Then this is what she came up with…

I had a great time watching them all through the process and was truly impressed with all of the pieces.  I will be using this class as a sample at the Women In Business Show & Sale on Saturday.  It will be from 10am to 3pm at the Nepean Sportsplex if anyone wants to check it out.  I am pretty excited to see all the other vendors/businesses.

I will finish my piece this week but for now, I am off to get my doily sets up in my Etsy shop as promised.  Good night all!!!