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Collage Challenge – Mermaid Mixed Media

“Mermaids” is the challenge this week over on the Collage Obsession blog. Of course, I had to do a mermaid mixed media piece, cause that is my thing but, I was having a difficult time with this one.  One it comes to my paintings, I am not into nautical themes usually, more into trees, birds and the sort.  Probably been away from the ocean too long, haha.  Which I am rectifying soon as I am heading to New Brunswick this week-end for a much needed family vacation, WOOO!

I digress, back to the sirens of the sea.  So, to start the creative juices flowing I started doing a bit of snooping on the Internet and found some pretty cool digital collage sheets over on Artchix Studio (which is an awesome Canadian Company out in BC).  I purchased one and received it (along with a free bonus sheet) almost immediately in my inbox.  Got to love technology.  I printed the sheet off, but in black and white because I wanted to add my own colouring to the girls.  Which I did with my Faber Castell PITT pens.  They are so fluid and I love that they are transparent.  I just do a bit of colouring then rub them around with my finger as they stay wet for a bit before they set.

I added my own wings to this girl and a rub-on to spice her up a little.

I also added vintage book pages to all of them and of course more rub-ons.  Check out that amazing Gossamer Lace stamp from Stampin Up!.  Love it!!

I even gave one of them a stylish version of a trident.  Equal rights and all, but she seems more likely to be sitting down to an elegant dinner rather than heading out to hunt down a fish to spear :)  That was fun, I may have to do a few more mermaid mixed media pieces.

Scrappy Sunday on Monday – Friend Layouts

Hope everyone had a great Canada Day!!  I was lucky enough to be out at a cottage for a bachlorette for one of my bestest friends.  The weather was amazing.  My plan was to put together a scrapbook of the weekend so the bride could have a permanent keepsake with a ton of friend layouts.  First I must share a pick of the view from the deck of the cottage which was on Lac Sinclair.  Beautiful!!!

My idea for the book was that all the guests would write a little something for the bride, ie. favourite memory, qualities or words of advice and next to it I would put a picture of them from over the weekend. The first thing I did with the book was make a friend oriented title page (since this is what the whole theme of the weekend basically was).

I took all of the background pages from the same collection called “all dressed up” which was from DCVW.  The first layout was for the bride, but I still have yet to decide which picture to use as I got a few good ones.

The right side of the layout was for the venue, I inserted a picture of the cottage that the owner sent to us ahead of time.

The cool summer themed stickers are from Penny Black.  They are appropriately called “vintage friends”.  I totally love them and had been saving them for the perfect friend layouts.

Here is the ‘bride to be’ (looking adorable in the veil we made her wear) reading the Maid of Honour’s contribution to the book (with the MOH).

Now that the weekend is sadly over I have to sort through all of the awesome pictures and finish it.  Hopefully it will illicit more of such amazing emotions.  I shall keep you posted on my progress.



Scrappy Sunday – DIY Washi Tape

This week I went ultra creative and made my own DIY Washi Tape.

I wanted to scrapbook Amelia’s pictures in her little knit hat she came home from the hospital in.  It is purple with a little grey felt flower.  I was struggling with finding supplies to match.  So, off I went to CaFabrik in Aylmer to see if anything jumped out at me.  I found some beautiful full page size die cuts from Making Memories.  I also picked up some beautiful sculpture peonies in a few different purples from Donna Downey’s line with Prima.  What I really wanted was washi tape but couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for.  Not even in the same colour scheme.  So, I thought, why not try and make some myself.

I gathered my supplies, masking tape, silver and purple ink and a couple stamps I thought would go well with the paper….

I took a length of masking tape and stuck it to my paper cutter as I knew it could be easily peeled off.  I then took my round stamp into the silver ink and applied it evenly spaced across the tape.  I wiped off the stamp overage with a baby wipe. (Always handy to keep those nearby)

I then took a smaller stamp in my purple ink and applied it in between the circles.  It is kind of hard to see as the lighting wasn’t great and the colours were pretty subtle.  I just wanted a little something to cut up the circles and provide a background to my trim.

I then removed it from my paper trimmer and applied it directly to the paper, voila, DIY Washi Tape.

I matted the pictures in silver card stock.

Even in the close-ups it is hard to see.  Next time I experiment with it I will try brighter colours.

I love the wood grain purple tag.  I can’t even remember where I got it.  Just found it in my stash.

Next week I might try and get a layout done from our camping trip this weekend.  We had such a great time and even saw a deer pretty close-up.  Very cool.

Il Mercato – Preston Street Marketplace

What a windy weekend!!!  Our first weekend at the Il Mercato – Preston Street Marketplace was super busy.  Unfortunately, people weren’t buying, haha.  I think  we just need to be patient though :)   I believe this will grow to be a great thing.  We had some awesome vendors.  The first day I had a great neighbour, Shebamakeda Glass Art.  Her stylish nephew even went and got me lunch.  Best neighbours ever.

Check out her gorgeous hand sculpted glass beads.  I over heard an elderly lady call them seductive, hehe, pretty cute.

Alyssa was there with her strut worthy jewelry.

There was a sister team at the Bedazzled Boxes booth.

Loved the sea worthy paintings they had.

On the second day, my lovely neighbour, who’s face will remain faceless (she didn’t want her picture taken), was Busy Girl Design.  She had super cool headbands and hair pieces.

They all had funky vintage finds on them.

Check out those feathers :)

There was also an adorable husband and wife team, Preston and Agata.  Their pieces were veddy cool.  You can check out some of their art at

Hope to see you all this Saturday!!!!


Italian Week

It’s Italian Week in Ottawa and I am super excited to check out all the yummy food and culture over the weekend.  Here is the schedule for the weekend in case you want to check it out.

It is also the kick-off weekend for the Preston Street Mercado, woooooo!!!!  It is from 10am to 5pm just off of Preston on Young Street.  It is right next the queensway bridge.  The market will be Saturday and Sunday.  I have a few new pieces.  Here is a sneak peak..

I love mushrooms, so cute!!!  Check out the dancing peeps…

I also did these two birdie pieces.

Hope to see you there!!

Bird Layout for Scrappy Sunday

This week I decided to do a bird layout for Scrappy Sunday.  Amelia is totally into birds (as was her big sister Milah at her age) and I thought I should do a layout about it so when I am old and grey and can’t remember the details of when she was a baby, I wouldn’t need to.

I started with the sketch challenge from Jen over at the Scrapbox.

The pictures are from the our visit to the Biodome in Montreal.  She was absolutely loving all of the birds there, especially the penguins.  One of them was following her through the glass.

I used an old time card to journal on.

As you can see it isn’t exactly as the sketch, I just used it for inspiration.

The “giggle” title is from Me & My Big Ideas.

Aren’t all the little birdies cute?  They are from Micheal’s Recollection, along with the layered flower that I stuck a bird on.

All done and I had some of the gorgeous polka dot paper left so I must go make a piece with it for the show on Saturday.  Stay tuned…


The New Art Festival

I am such a huge fan of the New Art Festival and a little rain wasn’t going to stop me from checking it out.  It got pretty brutal at times and I felt pretty bad for the artists having to deal with that all weekend.  They must have been chilled to the bone.  It was nice to see that some people still braved the weather to check it out.  Again, I was not disappointed.  The amazing talent that was there again this year was inspiring.

One of the mixed media artists I was instantly drawn to.  She had all these adorable little pieces, some with a high gloss resin on them that I loved.

Something about her felt very familiar.  When I picked up her card and realized it was Helene Lacelle of,

I was so pleased.  I remember seeing her work a few years ago and being so encouraged to see a mixed media artist at a show.  Before that, I felt all I ever saw were fine artists with their beautiful reproductions of the real world or abstract artists.  It gave me hope.

There was another lovely lady there named Susan Valyi.

She had some really interesting and cool pieces that would have looked awesome in our front room.

I would be remiss not to mention this amazingly talented lady.  Vanessa Neily was there with her beautiful collection of jewellry.

Her pieces were so unique and well done.  So many different materials used.

Here is one of the pieces I was drooling over.  I believe it is cooper with enamel over it and the little green lollipops sticking out are made of ceramic.  Beyond cool.  Maybe I need to leave her business card under Chris’ pillow closer to my birthday, haha.

Oh, to be independantly wealthy.

I did purchase this adorable little doll that transforms into a butterfly for our little ginger Millie.  I felt like her hair might one day look like that.

Fidoodle was selling them along with a bunch of awesome stuff including these wood puzzle like blocks.  I know, great job explaining hey?  Just head to their site and check it out, pretty neat.

Goal for next year – apply to be a vendor!!!


Speaking of art shows, I just wanted to let you know about a new market that is just starting up in Little Italy called the Preston Street Mercato.  It is just in its infant stages but they have some passionate organizers who are huge supporters of local artists and small businesses.  It will be running for six weeks on Saturdays from 10am to 5pm.  I believe they might still be looking for a few vendors.  Let me know if you would like their contact information.


Girly Scrappy Sunday

This week’s layout is all about me, hence the “Girly Scrappy Sunday”  Webster’s Pages put out a challenge on their blog asking…

and of course, (besides having my girls) the answer is hands down…

There are so many amazing ones out there to choose from, not to mention accessories always fit :)  Here is the entire page.

Almost everything in the layout is from the Ladies & Gents collection at Webster’s Pages.  The beautiful cameos and hearts are ‘perfect accents’, love them!!

The black flower is a ‘princess petal’.  The pictures are of my favourite Tiffany braclet and a button ring I just bought at the New Art Festival today.  More on the festival soon.

What is your favourite thing about being a girl???

Burlap Coffee Bean Bags

I made an awesome discovery the other day.  Chris was heading to Princess Auto and I of course wanted to go along.  Why? you ask.  I know I am generalizing here but I am sure most women enjoy a trip to Princess Auto about as much as our men love shoe shopping.  I use to think that way, but no longer.  I am a huge snooper and discovered this strange corner of the store that has a few aisles of all kinds of different odds and ends.  Which have nothing to do with autos, or princesses for that matter.  Every time I snoop through that area I always come home with some kind of treasure.  This last time was the ultimate score as I found Guatemalan burlap coffee bean bags.  How random hey?  There were only 4 on the shelf which I snatched up immediately and proceeded to scour the store looking for an employee to find me more.  No such luck, that is all they had.  She even said I was lucky to get 4 as there were only 2 listed in the computer.

I love the earthy look of burlap and couldn’t wait to get some projects started with it.  The first thing I did was to recover this chair…



I also made some burlap canvases, which I used to make this small flowery mixed media piece.

I am also experimenting with making flowers out of it, which are turning out pretty cool.  I am sure those will be turning up very soon.  So what is the lesson of the day?  Don’t pass up the opportunity to explore a new store, you just never know what you will find.

Report on Ravenswing 2012

It is now time for my official report on Ravenswing 2012  – Amazing!!  I had such a great time.  Such cool vendors and customers alike.  The energy was so positive and the musicians were fantastic.  Although a little loud as my booth was so close to them :) I was in awe of all of the fantastic feed back I was getting.  I just want everyone to know that I truly appreciate every kind word of encouragement I was given.  I do my art because it makes me happy, also hoping it will make others happy or at least put a smile on their face.  I sold over half of my pieces,  which made me proud but also a little sad.  Pieces of my soul are now scattered across Ottawa, haha.  However, I know they are in good homes :)

I had such a hard time deciding on which vendors to take pictures of (with my camera phone btw), there were so many awesome ones.  I didn’t have much time as my friend Angela was holding the fort at my booth while I wandered to check things out.  So I shall mention but a few.  The first is Jeffrey Macklin from Jackson Creek Press.  I loved the look of his letterpress cards.

He is also a mixed media artist and from Peterborough (where my man is from), fancy that.

I was attracted to Gilda Kathleen’s booth because of how tranquil her display, pieces and personality seemed.

The next cutie was Tatiana at Russian Forest.  Her vintage tags, stationary and stickers were to die for as they were made from old maps.  I LOVE old maps.

The last is Morgan Cleopatra, who unfortunately does not have a website.  She makes amazing bracelets and I am totally kicking myself because there was a very cool one that I wanted and I didn’t go back to buy it.  Funny enough, she is also from Peterborough.  **UPDATE**  She now has a blog and you can find her here.

There were so many interesting things and luckily I didn’t have too much time as I would have spent tons of money.  The rest of the vendors links are on the Ravenswing website if you need to find someone.  I can’t wait for next year!!!