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Sunday Journal – Circus Theme and Play

So, the other day my lovely friend Angie took me for an early birthday dinner to Play.  What is Play you ask?  It is this amazing wine and tapas restaurant.  The atmosphere is very welcoming and the staff is amazing.  You can find tourists in jeans mingling with women who look like they just stepped off of the pages of Vogue.  I was told to order a bottle of wine, my choice, to celebrate.  Hrm, very difficult in a place like that, where they pretty much have an entire page dedicated to red wine.  Up walks Grayson, their sommelier, to save the day.  He asked me what I liked, I said “definitely red, dry and oaky”.  So, he suggests Petite Petit, which is not on the menu.  The moment I saw the label, I was sold, haha.  It had a circus theme to it.

Thanks to my love of esthetically pleasing things and Grayson’s knowledge, I was not disappointed.  The wine was delicious and inspiring.  I asked to take the bottle home because I really wanted to create something with it.  Luckily they obliged (even put it in a gift bag so I wasn’t walking the streets with an empty bottle of wine looking a bit seedy).  When I got it home I pulled out my art journal and off I went to the open crop night at The Scrapbox.  The creativity just flowed and I did the entire thing in one sitting, with a bit of drying time in between.  To get the red striping effect (just like the big top) I used masking tape and acrylic paint.  I then dripped india ink down the full length of the pages.

I added a flag banner with my trusty Stampin Up! punch.

This is with the back side of the insert.  You can see my lovely elephant and cute pierrot riding atop.

Now, a close-up of the label and inspiration, which I stuck right in there.  Isn’t it adorable???

So satisfying.  I think I might just do a circus theme canvas series, I had so much fun.  Now, I must head to the LCBO and try get my hands on a few bottles of this stuff as it is a vintage so once it’s gone, it’s gone.

Scrappy Sunday – Friend Layouts – Part Trois

Not a lot to say tonight as I am trying to keep these simple and it has been a very busy weekend.  I just wanted to share a few more friend layouts I did for my girlfriend Steph’s bachlorette weekend scrapbook.


It’s almost done!!!


Sunday Journal – Geisha Art

Introducing Sunday Journal and for my inaugural post, a little Geisha art.

Good evening all!!!  Since Sunday seems to be my best time to get a little art time in, I thought I would alternate between Scrappy Sunday posts and my new Sunday Journal posts.  It will just be me doing a pretty relaxed and impromptu mixed media page in my art journal.  Who knows, once I get proficient with my camera I might even tape it, haha.

So, this piece I have done in my art journal I shared with you previously.  Every time I take it out, I am so happy I tried the wax on the cover because I just love the texture of it.  I decided to try a little Geisha art because the challenge over on Collage Obsession this week was “Oriental”.  Man, her choices are always tough for me.  Totally takes me out of my comfort zone, but that is the point.  So, I snooped on the Internet and came across some interesting black and white Geisha pictures and figured that it was closest I was going to get as the term oriental refers to a location or objects and not people.

I didn’t take pictures in the first few stages as I just kind of went for it, but here is what it looked like after I had used a stencil with some gold paint and then added some texture by adding white paint to bubble wrap and used it as a stamp (there are so many cool things around your house you can use to add texture).

There are paper flaps in between most of my journal pages so when you turn the flap over this is what the other side looked like.  I took green painters tape that I had used as a mask on the other side, removed it and stuck it right in there on the second side.  LOVE it!!  toot toot (that’s me, tooting my own horn :)

I then painted a tree trunk and made sure it lined up perfectly on either side of the flap.  I then took vintage sheet music and used a paper punch to cut out a ton of flowers.

Then they were sprayed with “Cherub Pink”, a glimmer mist by Tattered Angels.

Here is how the first side turned out.  My apologies for the lighting, I did this at night.

Now for the other side, which is my favourite.  The see, speak and hear no evil girls.

The quote, which I thought was appropriate for this piece as fear is the evil that sometimes quashes our hopes.

Now I have a little reminder to not let fear or apprehension get in the way of hope.


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Summer Wedding Details

Hello all, the wedding I have been on about this summer has come and gone.  It was yesterday and boy am I exhausted.  It started with months of preparation, a very early day yesterday of primping, photos, the ceremony then festivities.  Now that it is all done, I feel like I could sleep for weeks, haha.  Thought it would be nice to share a little of the wedding details.  I am all about sharing.

The brides colours were cream, white, navy blue, a touch of green and silver.  It all came together beautifully.  It all started with gorgeous white rose balls at the end of every other church pew.  Unfortunately, I don’t have pictures as we weren’t allowed to take pictures in the church so as not to interfere with the photographer.  Who was amazing by the way.  His name is Serge Roy and he was super nice and laid back.  He even let us girls have a little photo shoot where we were just kind of goofing around at the end of the day before he left.

The florists, Full Bloom Floral Design did a great job with the flowers which were all in greens and whites.  First the jr. bridesmaids and flower girl.  Such cuties if I do say so myself.  The one on the left is my Milah and the other two are my cousin’s daughters (but they are more like my nieces), Cassidy and Amber.

And their bouquets.  Isn’t the silver foliage super cool?

Here are a few of the bridesmaids.  Danielle (all the way from Haiti), Angie and myself.

My cousin Lynne with her pretty smile.

And the stunning bouquet we got to carry.  I just love how natural they look.  I know that sounds kind of stupid as they are flowers, which come from nature, haha, but I am sure you know what I mean.

The gorgeous couple with the bride’s bouquet in the vase in front of them.

There were huge arrangements atop massive glass vases all over the place, very elegant.

Most of the paper items were prepared by yours truly.  The table numbers in progress at my place.  The green card stock was iridescent.

The table numbers in action at the reception.

I also did the seating chart which was framed by a simple Ikea frame but I think it finishes it off perfectly.

The same flower was carried throughout all of the stationary/paper items.

Even into the name cards that were placed at everyone’s seat in front of the favours, which were French Macaroons, yum!

Now for the cake which was beautifully made by Sophie Bifield.

The detailed flowers…

Last but not least, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the wedding planner and the stellar job she did.  Shannon Kennedy and her lovely assistant Brittany helped bring Stephanie’s glorious vision to fruition all with elegance, patience and a huge smile.  Well done, with our huge crew, I am sure it was not always easy, haha.

I hope having shared some wedding details will help inspire you for your next event!!!

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Scrappy Sunday – Friends Layouts – Part Deux

These layouts are a continuation of my last Friends Layout post I did.  I started a scrapbook of my friend’s bachlorette and I was trying to get it done for the rehearsal dinner.  However, it is not looking good, haha.  I still have other wedding paper goodies to prepare so I likely won’t have time.

The first friends layout is for the Maid of Honour, it is a picture of them when they were in University, super cute and young.

I tried to keep the embelishments simple as I wanted the focus to more be on the picture and words.  I did make sure each page had some bling.  I am loving this orange trim from Webster’s Pages.

My next and last layout for today was mine.  I love adding red to black and white, it just pops.

A little shine and check out the awesome red trim.  The material is velvety and reminds me of a 70’s jumpsuit, so cool.

A good way to add visual balance is to have three points (in a triangular form) of visual interest or colour.  So, I added an embroidered little red bird to finish off the page.

Oh, oh, before I forget, I got my order from Dick Blick the other day.  Odd name, I know, hehe.  They have the most amazing variety of art supplies.  Felt like it was Christmas when I got it.  I am going to do a little video in the next couple of days to show you my stash.  You are going to be jealous, I am sure.

Bridal Shower Canvas

So, last weekend I was asked to teach and prepare a Bridal Shower canvas by a maid of honour.  Since I just happened to also be a bridesmaid in this wedding, I was more than happy to do it.  It also meant I was close to the bride and knew she was a fan of blues and greens.  Which, when you are planning an art piece that is hopefully going to hang in her love nest, is quite helpful.  Since their original wedding theme was going to be love birds, I thought that would be a good place to start.

Here is the background I prepared for everyone.  I drew in pencil a basic outline for everyone to follow.

I then pulled out papers, paints and embroidery floss.

I think it helped the nervous ones that cosmos were being served.

Each person got a piece of the canvas to do with what they pleased (or almost what they pleased, haha).  It was funny cause the bride ended up adding an extra bird to her piece as she somehow missed some of the instructions.  As I always say, there are no mistakes, only happy accidents.  In this case, it was entirely appropriate as the bride has a son who is a huge part of their lives.

So off they went.  They all worked hard and lovingly on their individual pieces.

Here I am with the bride.

Here is the piece once the guests were done with it.

I then took it home and added some finishing touches to it to make it a little more cohesive.

I added the word “LOVE” to it since that is what weddings are all about it, isn’t it?

Finally, the two love birds.

What a great way to spend an afternoon!!!

Rooster Art Show and Winner

So last night was the Vernissage for my Rooster Art Show.  I had a blast.  I had postcards done up for us to keep at the restuarant in case anyone wanted our info.

My friend Brittany also had a collection there.

Check her out with all her adoring fans, haha.

One of her beautiful pieces…

Chris in front of our wall of art.

It was nice to have some of my peeps there.  Cheers Angie!!!

Collage of my work.

Such a great night and our art is there for a month!!!!

ps.  The winner of my vintage doily give away is…

“Stephanie July 18, 2012 at 2:01 pm Très joli!! I will try my best to go.”

I will get that off to you soon.


Just a reminder to make every moment count

I just wanted to share this awesome video by Paper Fortress.  Just a little reminder to everyone that you should make every moment count.  Kind of how I feel about life.  The trick is to carry that feeling with you on a day to day basis.  Especially in today’s busy world.

Paper Fortress: 2009 – 2011 Reflection from Paper Fortress on Vimeo.


Art Show, Vernissage & Give Away!!

Just dropped my “Not Your Gramma’s Doily Collection” paintings off at the Rooster, 303 Bank Street, Ottawa.  The owner is big on supporting local artists so my friend Brittany and I are having an Art Show there for a month, along with a couple other artists.  We will be having a vernissage next Tuesday night, July 24, 2012 from 7pm to 10pm.

For all of the paintings I used vintage doilies as stencils.  I have been collecting them from e-bay.  They are hard to find and have sold from my Etsy shop almost faster then I can post them.  I have kept a few for myself and have decided to share the wealth and do a giveaway in honour of my first show.  I will choose a random person from all comments left on this post between now and the showing next Tuesday.

Here is a sample of one of the pieces that will be there.  It is called “C’est Joli”.

All of the background papers are Paris related and the dress has a beautiful vintage rhinestone button at the waist.  Something I could see myself wearing strolling around the streets of Paris.  This girl is voluptuous, just like me, haha.

Come join us for a drink, there is nothing better than a bar full of friends.

Bay of Fundy

I am currently on vacation on the East coast and having a blast.  We spent a bit of time in the picturesque Quebec city on our way through.  I will share photos of that later as there are way too many to sort through on the road.  Then we headed to the Bay of Fundy, home of the highest tides in the world.  The views were breathtaking (more on those later as well).

Of course we are useless without our coffee so we claimed this artisan café in the town of Alma as ours for the time we were there…

There was such character in this place, they had a sign that read “please loiter”.  There were great nooks and crannies to sit and enjoy your goodies and a back deck.

They also had a jamming area set up for local bands.

The owners were glass blowers so they were selling the coolest things.  They reproduced the old glass buoys fishermen used many years ago.

I wanted to pick one up but was hoping to find an authentic one in our travels.   Lucky for me Chris spotted the exterior netting part on a beach we were driving by so stopped to pick it up.  Such a score.  I did end up getting the inner glass ball part at the store.  So, I now have a semi-authentic one which is good enough for me as the original glass balls are almost impossible to find.

On our drives through the country, we found the glass blower’s studio and house.

They even had alpacas and looked like they grew a lot of their ingredients they used for the café.

On our drives we came across a one room school house…

It even had an outhouse towards the back of the lot.

An old community centre…

This adorable old house…

The lighthouses were pretty cool…

There were so many cute little studios tucked into country roads all over the place.  One of which was this Studio on the Marsh.  I was pretty jealous of most of the artists having studios in such a beautiful area of the country and so close to the ocean.

I was especially so for this space as the view behind was amazing.  Maybe one day.

Well, just wanted to share a little of our amazing week.  I am feeling so refreshed and inspired that I wish I had brought a little art kit with me so I could create on the road.  Although I am enjoying taking all of these pictures, which is also a creative outlet.  I think it is important to do something creative every day.  It nourishes the soul.  The rest of this week has been spent with family and showing the kids some of my favourite places growing up.  Unfortunately, it is all over tomorrow.  Hope you are all having a great week!!