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I am packing up the van with some girlfriends, art supplies and heading to Burlington, Vermont for the South End Art Hop and my 40th birthday weekend!!  I will be teaching and will have an art show happening at Vintage Inspired Lifestyle Marketplace (my favourite place).  Here are the deets about the show:

She was a Delight (honouring my mimi)

She was a Delight (honouring my mimi)


Human beings have been altering objects for centuries.  In early cultures, ritual objects and objects of adornment were embellished with natural items such as feathers, bones and shells.  The objects were transformed from their natural state (altered, if you will) by the hands of humans.  Assemblage, or altered art, has increased in popularity in recent years but its roots are found in something far older.  It is the essence of this art form that we take something old, and perhaps useless, and create from it something new and beautiful.

With the specter of turning 40 looming, I have engaged in a lot of introspection.  I felt it was time to honour my ˋassemblageˊ of memories and thought that this was the perfect art form with which to do so.  This collection is all about the different parts of my past and each sculptural canvas represents an event, person, specific time, or a state of mind in my life.  All done in the spirit of re-using and creating new meaning with pieces that already come with their own stories. Come and share in the bits and bobs of my amazing journey thus far!!

Here are the deets about the class:

Assemblage Workshop


With Renée Savoie

 Saturday, September 12th 1pm – 4pm

Cost: $50


Vintage Inspired Lifestyle Marketplace

180 Flynn Avenue

Burlington, VT


Assemblage is the process of making three-dimensional artistic compositions by putting together found objects.  This class is open to all levels and you will be encouraged to combine new and creative techniques to incorporate mixed media, found objects, sewing notions, vintage toys and family snapshots with glue and ingenuity to make an evocative assemblage.  This is a great way to bring new life and create new meanings by recombining old objects in a fresh new way.

Supplies are included but this is a great excuse to scour Vintage Lifestyle Marketplace to find goodies to incorporate into your pieces.  Feel free to bring photos and trinkets from home but please note that if you plan to use family photographs or other personal papers, you should make copies in advance and bring them with you to class.

Call or email Vintage Inspired to register

If anyone is interested in coming with, there are a few spots available in the van and hotel.  We would leave Thursday night and come back on Sunday afternoon.  Let me know asap if you want in on the fun.  We are all chipping in on the gas and rooms.  The South End Art Hop is always a blast as there so many activities happening all weekend like a fashion show, art installations and music.  The south end is also home to many antique stores and shops!

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  1. mary heinrich aloi says:

    Can’t wait until you and your girl friends arrive! It will be great fun.

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