Art on the Road – Painting Rocks

I am never quite sure what to bring for art supplies when travelling so we can do art on the road.  I always feel like I am going to forget the one thing I really need.  For this trip out to the East coast I decided to keep it simple and just bring my Faber Castell Pitt Pens, my paint markers and pastels (and my art journals of course).

All of the girls are a little obsessed with collecting rocks so when I asked them to find me some flat oval rocks for a project, they were happy to oblige.

Art on the Road

Rock collecting on Kouchibouguac Beach.  Such a gorgeous place.  Isn’t Amelia’s bathing suit adorable?

Art on the Road1

 The beautiful specimens they found and all are flat and smooth.  Well done girls!

Art on the Road2

We used a mixture of different paint pens and they all worked pretty great actually.

Art on the Road3

I just told the girls I wanted them to be inspiring (so I can scatter then all over our Beyoutiful Souls retreats) and off they went.  Even Amelia wanted in on the action.

Art on the Road4

 This is our first batch of lovelies.  The girls had so much fun with this project they just wanted to keep making more.

Art on the Road5

I am so glad it went as well as it did but I am a little concerned about the amount of rocks we are going to end up with by the end of this trip :)

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3 Responses
  1. LeeAnn Tyminski says:

    Beautiful art and a beautiful family ! What more could you ask for.

  2. Lisamarie says:

    I can’t go anywhere without coming back armed with rocks. Ask my husband… he’s usually the one carrying them all :) Great post, as usual!

  3. Rachel says:

    Love the picture of the girls so precious! :-) Great little project for the girls love reading your posts.

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