Art in the form of Music – Matt Good Style

It’s funny, as an artist you sometimes forget there are other art forms out there.  Well, I do anyway.  I was fortunate enough to have a couple good friends take me to the Folk Festival here in Ottawa for an early birthday present a little while ago.  We went to see Matt Mays, Matthew Good and Ben Harper.  The main attraction for me was definitely to see Matthew Good.  I love music, all kinds of music but I don’t go to concerts for inspiration.  Not like I would an art show or flea market.  I go to give my mind a break and my soul some nourishment.  Besides being there to just enjoy the music my lovely friend Brittany was covering her first event for  She had a media pass and was so excited she could barely stop vibrating.  I was proud and sooo happy for her.

As I was there watching Mr. Good with my giant friend Angelo behind me (protecting me from any potential chaos that might ensue)…

I noticed this curious guy leaning against the fence in front of me, facing away from the stage.  I didn’t much pay attention to him at first but every once in a while he would pull out this notebook and frantically jot things down.  Then, would put it away and continue enjoying the concert until he would have to pull the book out again.

By about the third time I noticed there was not one pen but two attached to the inside, marking his page, as if the fear of being unable to write was too much so he had to have a back-up right at his fingertips.  I just thought it was the oddest thing, to come to a concert, not even look at the artist and be writing in a notebook during the entire thing.  I kind of thought, what a waste.


Until I realized he was writing lyrics, or what looked like lyrics to me.  Maybe it was just a poem, but it then all made sense.  He was there to take it in and would get a jolt of inspiration so had to write it down before he forgot.  Art in the form of music – Awesome.  From this point forward I shall watch concerts through different eyes.

 Matt’s acoustic goodness did not disappoint by the way.  Thank you Britt & Angelo!!!

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