A Lovely Day

I had a great afternoon with my little crouton.  I stopped by Bridgehead for a yummy vanilla latte and the barista delighted me with this beautiful creation.  It was hard to drink it as I didn’t want it to disappear into the abyss of my stomach.



After feeding Amelia I headed to Flock Boutique, one of my absolute favourite stores.  It is always filled with amazing hand made local goodies.  They also have workshops in all different mediums such as jewellry and sewing (dresses/aprons), how fun.  I am super jealous of the owners Bridget and Christina as they get to be surrounded by such inspiring things every day.


Once I soaked up some of the creativity I headed next door to St. Vincent De Paul (second-hand store) to see if I could find any interesting things to paint on.  I found a couple plaques made of wood.  One of which was this little one, which I am hoping to alter tonight.  Stay tuned…………


Category: Inspiration
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